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Originally posted by Baashi:

Hambalyo P4F. You did it Qallanjo. All SOL nomads are proud of you. How many dhuubo dhex yar can pull this off...not that many I tel ya.



Actually, much more than qacmo baasto faaraxs that we are.

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Early Childhood Studies, eh? We've got something in common. Congrats sister girl. Kids are so interesting, hard and exceptionally rewarding to work with. :)


I trust, that you'll be having a twinkle time in your new job. All the best.

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Passion mansha alaah allah guide you through the best of your carrer


I wish i aws in ur position

still have a year to go

and it is exam time now

actually iam stressing

go through this every bloody six months

i dont think it will repay for all the hairs lost and stress ever!


Oh why should i tell you all this make you miserable at the best of times?.... because you have finished!

Best of luck

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