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A sad incident indeed

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Policeman `rapes` defiled school girl


2007-08-15 08:50:02

By Mwinyi Sadallah, Zanzibar



A police officer here has been suspended for allegedly raping a school girl inside a police station.


The girl was sent by her parents to the police station for questioning after she was apparently raped in the bush by somebody else.


Acting Police Commander for Unguja South, Khamis Ramadhani has confirmed the incident. He said that investigations were underway.


Ramadhani said the incident occurred last week, and that the police were waiting for a medical report which would pave way for further legal measures.


The suspended police officer was identified as Pandu Ndame of Chwaka Police Station in Unguja South.


The school girl, who resides at Pongwe village, was allegedly raped by the officer while at the police station where she and a friend were taken by their parents after they returned home late from the forest where they had gone to collect firewood.


Parents of the two girls had wanted to know the reason why they returned home unusually late.


He said the two girls had gone to collect firewood at around 5pm but returned home at 7pm.


Their parents were not satisfied with the reasons that were given; they thus decided to take them to police station.


When questioned by the police, the two girls claimed that when they were collecting firewood, two people came and raped them.


Ramadhani said a group of people and the parents then decided to rush to the forest to look for people who had raped the girls.


They left the girls at the police station in the safe hands of two police officers.


He said after the parents and police officers had left, the suspect allegedly raped one of the girls.


`After being informed of the incident, we decided to stop working on the first rape incident and instead investigate the second alleged occurrence,` Ramadhani said.


The parents were informed by their child that she was also raped while at the police station when they had gone to hunt down people who had raped them while they were collecting firewood.


`I am surprised to see that you went to look for people who had raped us because I have been raped once again while at the police station,` the girl told her parents.


Some villagers went to the police station once they heard about the incident and caused chaos.


Central District Commissioner Ali Hassan Kkhamis had to intervene as the angry villagers wanted to lynch the police officer.


SOURCE: Guardian

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