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Why Americans feel angry at Russia, Vietnam, Turkish, Euro Asia for low numbers?

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Why is some of the glaring facts being hidden.

Vietnam is neighbor of China, lots of chinese factories and industries in Vietnam, a lot of Chinese went to Vietnam to weather the storm..Yet Vietnam has managed to keep numbers low and also increases low.

Russia has long border with China and a lot of business between the two. Yet numbers are low and increase also low. The infections are also European side of Russia, not Asian side.

What they do not tell you in the west:

Italy has 11,000 seriously infected/ill healthcare professionals, Spain maybe even more. America should have had more since had least PPE.

Russia was first country to 100% seal itself from China, yet had lots of trains and planes open to West and South to Euroasia and Turkish. Azerbaijan and Russia are still open.

Russia sent millions of gloves, masks, cover alls to China first few days in Wuhan and now China is sending supplies to Russia.

Russian medicine was tested in Wuhan and now Chinese vaccine is being tested in Russia.

All the other countries have public healthcare so testing is free. America does not have, so you have to pay for testing.
There are 80 million people without healthcare coverage. These people cannot go to anywhere even when sick. They have to find hospital that can accept the lowest pay.

Many countries wanted to ride it out. Do nothing. Who ever dies dies. People will develop anti-viral anti boddies..

So these countries did not do anything.

Turkish for example are accused of not doing anything, that is until you find out that they were disinfecting public places and facilities quietly not to affect Tourist business. Checking temp and other easy signals at Airports, ports and even discreetly in streets.

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