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Ladies, let's be real. We ARE our own worst enemy. In almost every single situation that we are faced with, the classroom, the work place, and even at home, you will more than likely find a woman putting down another woman. It may not seem like it all the time, but let's think about certain things we all MUST have done at least once in our lifetime.


You see a teacher who you really don't like coming down the stairway at school and she is wearing a bright orange fitted suit that really does not fit her not so curvaceous body. What is the first thing you think in your mind, or whisper to your friend who is sitting next to you.


I have no experiece in the working world but i have heard stories of women putting down each other and walking over each other to get what they want. In fact, not even men might go so far, though men themselves can put us down to, but let's leave that for another day.


Ladies, we should always try to remember that feelings are involved even if you consider the other woman to be a complete......


I know that your ex's present girl will always be 'lesser' than you and you will automatically dislike her simply becuase she is with your ex.


But think about it like this: you may be with someone else's ex and you know for a fact that you are not a '*** ' or 'slut' or any other nasty word. There's this famous saying: do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Yeah yeah, same old boring statement and you're only human right? WRONG. So what? You're human but you are a WOMAN.


And if your mind is anything like mine this might be of help to you: instead of channeling all your energy into destroying one another, why not rechannel some of that energy at men instead and put them in their places? Just a thought. *wink wink*


Seriuosly though, we should stop the hateful things we say and think about other women and try to help each other. Only women can truly understand women more than any man can. FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG. Just be appreciative of each other and compliment each other for the achievements they make. There are so many women out there who fight for rights of other women. We can not only do this for our own personal satisfaction but out of respect for these women.


You should note the following fact carefully: though women are their own worst enemies men are still right up there with chocolate and ice cream. Note to men: when i become Halimos minister women will be equal to you all.



peace and love forever,

Twisted ayeeyo

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Salaam :

ayeyo wallahi u r right , i even hate my femele teacher and like male teachers coz or i believe woman is so strick when it comes with female students and easy with male student no question about that

thanx for this good topic .



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