Soomaaliya maxaa lacagta loo siinayaa oo inaga na loo siin waayey.

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3 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

They are doing for own interest. Farmaajo is a tool, hopefully, a useful tool.

You can see all those WB, IMF and Countries rubbing their hands, how much is their cut. Half of the money does not even leave to Somalia and of the half that arrives in Somalia is already allocated.

Something funny is happening in Ukraine with the same thing. IMF preconditions are as follows:

1. Land has to be privatized and be sold

2. Banks that were nationalized must not be returned to previous owners (Funny thing, since the previous owners did not take the looted money to the correct countries)

There are similar conditions for Sudan.

What are the preconditions for Somalia?

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5 hours ago, Holac said:

It doesn't make sense to give Farmaajo any loan that will have to be paid by Somalia's next generation. The current government did not earn that right in anyway possible. It is a huge mistake, in my opinion. 


Buur hadaad fuulayso kor fiiri marnaba hoos soo eegin.

Ma jirto dawlad wax isku dayda oo ka fiican midda hadda jiirta, 30 sano hadaan ku qaan gaari waynay 60 ku gaari mayno.

Way dhic kartaa inay kuu muuqato in dadka qaar faraha subag ku leeyihiin adeerana ka qalaleen.

Sabur huuno.

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Horta whatever happened to that Somali assets ee yaalay caalamka ee waagi Hasan sheekh isku dayey oo gabadhii yusra abraar ka carartay dowladan maxay raadin weysay .

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