Kenya supports Egypt’s position in Ethiopian dam rift

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Kenya supports Egypt’s “positive stance” on the disputed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), President Uhuru Kenyatta told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in a phone call on Tuesday.

El-Sisi’s spokesman Bassam Rady said the president received a phone call from his Kenyan counterpart in which they exchanged developments on the dam after the collapse of Washington-mediated talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan last month. 

Kenyatta described the Egyptian stance as one that comes out of “sincere political will,” according to the Egyptian statement.

Addis Ababa did not attend the last round of US-sponsored talks on the dam in February, citing the need for more time for further domestic consultations.

Only Egypt has initialed the resulting agreement, drafted by the US, on the filling and operation of the dam, with Ethiopia and Sudan both declining to sign it.

Over the past weeks, Egyptian officials have delivered messages on developments related to the GERD to Gulf and European partners, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France and the European Union, in an attempt to seek support.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry began an African tour this week to garner further support on the matter.

Shoukry made stops in Burundi and South Africa and is set to visit Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Niger and Rwanda. 


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4 hours ago, Oodweyne said:



NB:- Sorry about the "vulgar language" in here. It seems that sometimes the earthly and the very unpolished language could get to the heart and the gist of any discussion more than a verbally decorative sentences could do justice to that sort of debate. 


You just get a sick kick out of it.

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You missed the plot.

This is all the American advise to Abiy.

Look like/act like a nationalist and anti Arab since the Tigray are still alive and can at least scatter your forces.

Don't risk being next Meles for the damn dam.

Egypt is demanding 7 years Abiy has already moved to 4 years from the 3 years that Tigray had insisted and the Egyptians had to look for Amxara Oromo groups, since militarily was impossible for them.

Somalia said NO, Somaliland said NO, Sudan of course said NO, Kenya said NO, South Sudan had fallen under Egyptian influence and they are paying the price for it. Eritrea knew he would be preemptively attacked before the Egyptian bases are expanded. For Egyptians the military option was very uncertain to extremely risky.

Egypt was also sacred what Israel would do, to what length it would go with Tigray, since Netanyahoo had made statement "military confrontation is unthinkable and impossible, but I can be a go between and find a solution".

Abiy will declare few weeks or months from now saying he stood firm against Egypt and brought them down to 5 years and case closed, "we are brothers" we drink the same water we grow plants from same silt/soil...etc.

The Amxara don't care about the dam. They were actually against it when Tigray were in power. Even Mengistu was against the dam and he said its Tigray conspiracy to start war with Egypt.

Emotionally only Tigray and Afar care, since they have done almost all the fighting with Egypt through out history.

Developmentally, financially most Ethiopians care since 6GW is a lot of power, better than oil which oil comes with death, war, corruption..etc.

Abiy is just pretending. If America, UAE, Egypt brought him to power...what do you think he will do.

Kenya boy is excellent with Abiy.

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3 hours ago, Oodweyne said:


Are we doing a bit of a "projection" in here mate? After all, as a former card-carrying supporter of Al-Shabaab, you could be reliably thought of to be much closer in getting "sick kick" out of all the sexual perversion of the kind his warped imagination could conjure up.

And if that is the case in here, then see to it to wash your head out of the gutter of such things. Or at least see to it that the local FBI branch out there in Boston doesn't get the "whiff" of your old political predilection.

Given that they could easily haul you in for a "lengthy conversation" (which is polite euphemism of a "bone-chilling interrogation" in a dimly-lighted room). Particularly as to when was the last time you stopped "fantasizing" about of having seedy "conjugal acts" with all sort of "under-age girls", like most teeming misfits Al-Shabaab of this world do, both in their sleeps and while they are wide awake. So, lets have less of your "projection" around here, mate. since, its a open forum, in which many are liable to read it.



I think that was rather strained argument on your part. Or at least it was something that stretches credulity into a breaking point. And by that I mean, granted, that Mr Abby Ahmed knows that Uncle Sam (US) had effectively sided with Egypt on the Nile issue. And therefore he knows he can't get it away with silly talk of saying that US's will not be putting its thump on the scale at the side of the Egypt. But that is far from the idea of saying that Mr Abby Ahmed is in "cahoot" with Egypt and with those who wishes to deny Ethiopia her right to use her Dam.

I do understand that as a supporter of the former Tigre's regime of Ethiopia, you will be liable to say that devil-in-hell has some kind of "connection" to the present regime in Ethiopia. But, please, bro. go easy on the "conspiracies" around here. For that makes you sound like the some of the Right-wing's nut-jobs they have in Red-State Americana who think, with a straight-face, that some sort of "world-order-globalist-outfit", which in turn are centered on the UN are responsible for this Corona-virus outbreak.

And as to what Mr Uhuru Kenyatta is all about, or he is doing in here, as I said it already, it's his way of getting "even" with Mr Abby Ahmed, who, according to Mr Kenyatta, had welshed-out of a "strategical deal" in which Ethiopia and Kenya have had with each other.       


Lets simplify the interests and how every side goes about achieving their interests regarding GERD:

 I might have a bias towards one or another group as I always have bias for those who have self respect like Ghelleh. My preference is issue based.

Its also cultural of generally siding with the underdog.

One fact is Abiy is not going to die for GERD, let alone for its schedule of filling.

Sudan's interest is with the Dam, economic, strategic.etc But if the owner Ethiopia stance is shaky Sudan can afford to side with Egypt without changing its pronouncements.

As for Kenya, the issue of Nile is Uganda not Ethiopia. If Egyptians who have more influence in South Sudan side with Kenya, then Kenya will side with them.


Abiy and the Kikuyu have little competition going with America. The Kenyan's have UK in their camp come rain or shine. The worst UK can do against them is stay quiet or be neutral on some cases.

America had a drone base in Ethiopia, which was moved out during Hailemariam, but the Tigray did not want it used on Yemen. The same reason Ghelleh had in resisting that base. This base is now in Kenya, expanded, modernized..shiny.

Abiy and Kikuyu competition is actually for America not for Somalia.

Abiy hands are also tied as you know with the tribes in Jubaland. This is not like SWS where he can do as he wanted or asked by his Framaajo and others. A lot of calculation goes to Jubaland.

Kenya is more restrained country than Somalia or Ethiopia. It has better history of governance than either of them. Ethiopia has size and since 20th century Colonialists have got their preferred group in power.


There is no conspiracy or stretching here. These are all factual interests and behaviors of the groups/regimes.


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