The Simple Truth of Berbera's Airport, On Berbera Port, and On Ethiopia's Stake in it

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Let’s get the facts straight, the Soviets built a state-of-art harbor and airstrip in Berbera in the sixties. The Americans updated the entire facility including the civilian and military part of the port in the eighties. Berbera was even the first Somali port that had the capacity to load and unload containers and the first one and still the only one where mega-ships can dock. On top of that, it was the busiest port before the war. Throughout the war, the port city remained in the hands of the government.

I know that Landers like to blame us Southerners for all of your problems but honestly, how can we be responsible for the decay of Berbera in the last 30 years when at the time Somaliland was being established,  the port and the airport were in excellence conditions.

Aw guuriyo to Somaliland for developing Berbera, however, just know that the Emiraties are looking for avenging their well-recorded public embarrassment by Walaalaha Jabuuti. So just don’t get caught in the crossfire.     

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There you again, mate, talking, as ever, through your silly hat without knowing any fact at all, despite the tendentious assertion in which you are making in here in terms of having some alleged "facts" under your belts in regards to Berbera's port and her history since the creation of the Somali State in 1960. And by that I mean the following points:

Firstly, the port of Berbera was never built or developed in any larger sense of it by the Americans or the Russians. And I think you are confusing it with Berbera Airport, which was a heavily built by both Soviets and the Yanks. Moreover, the port was tarted up (or at least quasi-developed) in a meager sense during the 1960s era. But the bulk of the port was built by the British during the colonial era. More to the point, Gen. Barre's era did only build in the early 1970s a one container ware-house as an addition to the port. But not anything on the extension of the port itself. 

Secondly, by 1982 the port was closed in terms of doing any heavy business of any kind. Afweyne's regime wanted all northern businesses to use his newly build Mogadishu's port (that was completed after it was re-build by the Italians in 1981). Hence the port of Berbera was in effect out of action from 1982 till 1991, which was when SNM took over the country. So there was never any kind of commercial business that was going there, at least if you compare it to how Mogadishu's port was and how busy it was from the early 1980s onward till 1991, which was when the murderous warlords of Mogadishu decide to put a stop to the functioning of that port till in the mid-2000s.

That is the fact and the reality concerning Berbera's port. Not what you have just cooked it up from your delusion or from your fervent imaginations that knows no scintilla of any facts at all.

Thirdly, Somaliland has not yet won her legal recognition (as you are well aware of it, I take it), and yet, we have managed to do for Berbera a "win" for her in terms of a heavy investment, at least to the tune of 440 million dollars. Which was the kind of genuine investment in which the long 30 years (i.e.,  from 1960 till 1991) when that city was inside a "recognized government" call the Somali Republic wasn't able to come her way, or that city wasn't important enough to the alleged government in the Somali Republic to get it for her port of Berbera. 

And this situation concerning Berbera port was a distinct opposite to the situation that had prevailed in the rest of the Somali State and its ports. Given that there was an investment in which that government of the Somali State had gotten out for Mogadishu's port and for Bossaso's port, respectively. Since these two ports were rebuilt anew and they have been upgraded with the Italian's aid money.

And this in turn was an aid money (of the State-to-State kind of bilateral assistance) that was specifically given to Somali State in the late 1970s for Mogadishu's port (the port was re-build by 1981 although its construction had started back in 1978). And through the aid money that was given to Somalia in 1985/86 for Bosaso's port, with FAI development Assistance scheme from Italy.

Hence, that was how Berbera actually fared between the years of 1960 till the early months of 1991, in terms of how she was (in investment-wise) in relation to the situations that had prevailed were the ports of Mogadishu and that of Bossaso were concerned, just in case you do not know it, which seems to be the case by the looks of things. 

Consequently, the question that readily comes to mind here is which era is Berbera port and Berbera city is much better off? Is it during the years of 1960 till 1991 where she did not get any investment of any kind? Or is it the years between 1991 till now, where she has been heavily invested in? I leave it to your mind to answer that question. And while you are at it, let's hope your delusion that is clearly showing in here will not crippled you from answering that simple question. 

Fourth, As for the alleged cross-fire between UAE and Djibouti is concerned, in which you somehow "hope" that we in Somaliland will not get caught up in it, well, call me brutally honest in here (if you must). But, I shan't really take your "feigned concern" for the welfare of Somaliland that seriously. After all, the only thing that seems to be motivating you in here to talk like this is to see the worse for Somaliland.

For this is the reason you are even going out of your way in actually "bastardizing" the known history of Berbera city and its port in this way. Given that you would rather talk this gibberish way and this level of nonsense about it rather than to admit that Berbera city and its port did not have much to shout about when she was under the 30 years old rule of the then Somali State in years that was between 1960 till 1991.  

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