Afwayne's letter to Bill Clinton from Lagos

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When you are at the helm for a long time, and no body around you tells you NO even for the most egregious mistakes, your mind cannot think and every knee jerk reaction you show becomes as the most scientifically reasoned idea. The children in schools are made to sing your praises, your "deep" thoughts, yur foresight..yada yada...

There is a very funny book written by one close assistant to Mengistu. In his last days in power he had become a Lawyer, Economist, military startegist name it. He started stating all this professions himself. No body even smiled let alone to tell him, he is none of those.

I had an opportunity to listen to a WSLF man explain how late Barre behaved when told to conduct the war under WSLF instead of the Republic being the face and command. Late P. Barre almost was to jail or kill those WSLF folks that had the little integrity and manhood in them to speak contrary to what the President of Somalia..the Lenin, the Roosevelt, the Sultan, the philosopher, the genius...

Aidiid also fell to the same Hubris, relying on Mengistu enthusiastic support at best and neutrality at worst.


Only your "friend" and neighbor IOG has better record than you folks when it comes respecting and defending the Somali.

You may be blamed from different corners for different reasons, but never for disrespecting the Somali in dealing with who ever it was.

Mengistu was of course USC and never fully trusting Somalilanders. He knew including those officials he trusted that Somalilanders are always Somali. Mengistu hated SSDF, but not for the reasons you think. He hated them because they were caught communicating with TPLF and others through WSLF.

Meles also was the same with Somaliland. He always knew when it comes to Somali case in where ever that Somalilanders will stand with the dignity of the Somali. Even ICU was attacked only for the threat they posed to Somaliland, but never for their other shenanigans. Meles of course was SSDF first and USC at least half of it as enemy.

The shame of the level that late P. Barre fell is actually on the people that stayed praising him more than himself. 77/78 should have been the end of him. He made the cardinal mistake, which affected negatively on all Somali people, least of all even those in Kenya. He had become so dumbed down by power that he ignored Kenya and Ethiopia have defense pact. He thought if he renounces any Somali claim and wishes for uniting all Somalis, he would get Kenya to be neutral or on his side. That was a big fat mistake, that came from arrogance or ignorance.

He even trusted Egypt. No body trusts Egypt on anything. Deal with your eyes wide open. But as you said, if somebody has lost any confidence in themselves, they throw themselves at anything, let alone begging Clinton. I think it downed on Late P. Barre that G. H. Bush senior was patron of TPLF.

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