The US opposes Cheeseman's deployment of troops in Gedo, asks removal

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What amounts to a huge win for Ahmed Madoobe, the US asks Cheeseman to reverse deployment of Somalia's Army to Gedo region.

This brings his little dream about getting his clan back to Kismayo in dead. 

The US also demands Cheeseman to sit with Ahmed Madoobe. Something Cheeseman has been refusing to do ever since months leading upto the elections of Jubaland and after the elections. 


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^^^^ Suldaanka,

I agree with you in the sense of saying that it looks that the game is over for Mr Cheeseman in Jubbaland. Since, in effect, the Yanks have ordered him to really take back his army (i.e., SNA) to whatever barracks they come from originally. And whilst he is at it, he is also expected to tell his friend (or his political patron), namely, Mr Abby Ahmed, that Ethiopian's army won't be needed to be doing in Kismayo what they did in Baydhabo for him. Which was to installed, in a bloodily fashion, a political puppet for him there.

So in a nutshell it's game over. And what is also revealing is the fact the Yanks had sort of used a very "loaded words" like "politically motivated" when they were trying to actually described what Mr Cheeseman have done it with his little military adventure of sending his little army (with lots of Ethiopian's help) into his region of Gedo, so that they can be on their way, presumably, to Jubbada-Dhexe and then to Bu'aale.

Of course, the Yanks are not there to help Mr Ahmed Madoobe out of their good hearts (as it were). But rather they are looking things from their strategical point-of-view. Which is that so long as there is a fight between Somalia's SNA and Jubbaland's forces in-order to determine the political fate of this Gedo's region, then that will mean that the Kenyan's Defense forces (KDF) will be dragged along to a bloody warfare on the border between Somalia and Kenya.

And that in turn will seriously exposed the "flank" of the US's army base in this part of Kenya to constant Al-Shabaab's attacks, even if it's the case, that, this military base was actually and originally established in-order to fight the likes this same Al-Shabaab.

Hence, the Yanks wants no larger complication that will make their "strategical situation" of this area of the border between Somalia and Kenya, any worse than it is already.

This means Somalia's SNA in Gedo's region with the help of Ethiopians, will not be allowed to attack Jubbaland's forces, so that way the Yanks can at least rely on the "undivided support" of the KDF when it comes fighting Al-Shabaab in the border area between Somalia and Kenya. And that is so given the fact that the KDF may not be able to provide much help to the Yanks if on the other hand they are tied up in shoring up the Jubbaland's forces who may in turn have been attacked by the "combined forces" of the SNA and their usual Ethiopian's auxiliary's helping forces (as it were).    

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It would have been funny, except it involves human life.

Moodabe must have got through somebody in UAE or US is still interested in keeping the Moodabe, ONLF..types alive and well just in case.

Imagine Farmaajo trying to manhandle Puntland which is a society of haveing a modern government, before Belgium became a country, while he is having so much difficulty with Jubaland.

Abiy and Afwerki are no help with the Nomad. Ghelleh would have been big help.

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