Col Abdilahi Husseen Iiman talks about when SNM entered Awdal region and smoked out the last Faqash remnants.

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SULDAANKA,  NANKAN ISKU nacamleeynaya warkood iska.dhaaf, maxaa adigu aaminsantahay? You don't believe SNM killed innocent  refugees, innocent SOMALIS, just because they wrong do you expect Somalis to reconcile if you educated,  just enjoying this complete nonsense and falsehood by this guy and this useless journalist wannabe.

Btw, this guy didn't even deny massacres took place in Awdal.

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1 minute ago, maakhiri1 said:

how do you expect Somalis to reconcile.

Because he doesn't. The truth does not matter. They have turned into a racist sick cult. They hate Somalia with a zeal.

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Many people mistake local clan melitias with SNM. Local clan melitias were actually the ones that fought most with their other local clans. For example, in East Sanaag, it was the Gadhwayn clan melitia that attacked Damala Xagare and Hadaaftimo.  The Qori-jarato (Cabdi Xaamuud/Gadhwayn) alone had more than 1,000 clan melitia fully armed with technicals. 

On other hand, The regular SNM were mostly focused on their fight against Somalia's Army. They were few, not more than 2000, highly mobile and highly trained. 

In the case of do I believe SNM killed innocent refugees. That is not the right question to ask. The right question to ask, was the SNM predisposed to killing innocent people including Refugees? And the answer to that question is No. 

The SNM never had any plans to attack and kill innocent people. Which why the Refugee camps were still operating fully well into the 1990s, that is 2 years after major cities and towns in the North were completely uprooted and destroyed. 

The SNM was capable to going to the Refugee camps and causing maximum damage. But that never happened. 

Having said that, I am sure there were many innocent people that were killed either during cross fire or by some angry SNM rankfile soldiers. 

The political and military leaders of the SNM were clear on their missions and that was to only attack Somalia National Army Bases. Also the Janjaweed style Faqash allied minitory or clan melitias that were used to terrorise civilians. 

The O-clan Refugee camps were given a safe passage in 1990/1991. This came after a pack was reached with Omar Jees.

Also in 1990, the SNM made an accord with Grand Garaad of Sool clan Garaad Cabdiqani. Which explains why there were no fighting in Sool or Buuhoodleh area from 1990 onwards. 


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1984 what a bad year that was all of HoA

Ethiopia wanted to go for the kill on Somalia and finish it off once and for all.

WSLF split in two one side is what became ONLF

SSDF disagreed with Mengistu and some were arrested in Ethiopia which also meant no outlet
Ethiopia started its work with what became USC, since Ethiopia never felt comfortable with Somaliland

Ethiopia had famine that killed up to a million people. The rest of the world saved Tigray from almost sure genocide

Djibouti closed the door of joining either Ethiopia or Somalia and went ahead with consolidating its independence by signing agreements that will prevent both Somalia and Ethiopia from even thnking about Djibouti

South Sudan renewed their Armed struggle which had cooled down with Federalism and splits

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Jabhadihii Ethiopia la socday oo dalkooda iyo dadkooda kusoo duulay waxay la baxeen mujaahidiin

Markaad aragto dad dafiraya dambiyadii ay galeen oo goob joog loo wada ahaa, xaq been abuura waligood heli maayaan, siday u qayilayaan bay gumaysi geli ama qiyaamuhi ku dhici

Reer awdal bay dil ku bilaabeen qaxootigii iyo dadkii ganacsatada ahaa oo magaalada iska joogay intaba waa laayeen, qoxootigii ay xasuuqeen ilaa iyo hada aataartii way taalaa.

C/laahi yuusuf oo reerkiisa ugu sheekaynaya waxaan ka xanaaqay markaan arkay amxaaro calan soomaaliyeed ka dejinaysa balanbale iyo goldogob waana la i xiray

War soomaalidu xaqa ay dadkooda iyo dalkooda ka galeen waxaa ka daran beenta ay godka la galeen.

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