The best wasiir in decades

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Mudane Wasiir Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Beyle is the best wasiir Soomaaliya had for decades. I dare say since 1970s. Howlkarnimadiisa iyo xilka adag uu haaye suu ugu soo baxay qof loo dhigo ma jiro.

I hope intuu wasiirka yahay in la soo daabaco lacagta cusub ee Shilin Soomaaliga.

Imagine wasiirnimadiisa shaqada dalka u haayo ku weyn lahaa in one of those useless dib u socod 'mooshin,' as it happened during his capacity as a foreign minister in 2014.


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These ministers could have only shown their competency and experience that had they been given enough time to a make difference. This is where Sharif and Xasan Sheekh failed. Regardless of what people say about Farmaajo and Kheyr, they should be given credit for stopping constant bickering between PM and the presidency.


Considering there is no real bureaucracy (the actual government) in Somalia, any change in any ministry would have been a serious setback.

Kudos to Minister Beileh.

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Wanaaga iyo wax qabadka waxaa siinaya madax-banaanida shaqadooda iyo madaxda sare oo is fahmsan.

Haday lacag u samayn lahaayeen dalka waxay la mid noqon lahaayeen ololihii af qoridda, taariikhdana meel fiican bay ka istaagi lahayeen.

Way dhib badan tahay in dawladda aduunka ugu qanisan iyo tan aduunka ugu faqiirsan ay isku lacag noqdaan.


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