Amnesty International - Villa Somalia is Actively Harassing and Intimidating Journalists.

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NAIROBI (Reuters) - Amnesty International has accused Somalia’s government of creating teams of online monitors who troll journalists and report them to Facebook’s standard enforcers in order to disable their accounts and silence critical media voices.

The Western-backed government in Mogadishu detained 38 journalists last year, setting a national annual record, the Somali Journalists Syndicate said last month, raising concerns ahead of a parliamentary election later this year.

Indeed, the efforts by government censors were paying off, with 10 Facebook accounts belonging to journalists being shut in a single day last June, the London-based watchdog said in a new report on the state of media freedom in Somalia on Thursday.

All were told by Facebook that their accounts had violated community standards, without more specific reasons.

The Somali government rejected the Amnesty report, which also detailed other instances of abuse of the freedom of the press, including beatings and the detention of journalists.

“Somalia... will continue the rule of law which includes media freedom,” the ministry of information said in a statement.

Some journalists detailed how their online accounts were suspended.

“My Facebook account was frozen on 16th June 2019. My WhatsApp was frozen on 21st June 2019,” Ali Aden Mumin, a prominent reporter for the local Goobjoog radio and TV, told Reuters.

Mumin, who fled to Turkey last month after receiving threats from Somali security forces, told Reuters he had been beaten and arrested by the forces several times.

Facebook declined to specify the reasons for each suspension, citing privacy concerns.

“The community standards we use to determine violations is based on global standards,” said Mercy Ndegwa, head of public policy at Facebook for the East and the Horn of Africa.

Amnesty International researcher Abdullahi Hassan said some of the Facebook accounts that were targeted for closure had up to 60,000 followers, in a country where many turn to the platform to find out what is happening.

Newly set up social media-monitoring teams housed in the offices of the president, the prime minister, and the information minister had made it easier to crack down on journalists online, Amnesty said.

These teams observe content posted by reporters and ask them to remove posts critical of the government. If they refuse, they are arrested, Hassan said.

“They are arrested and… given a file full of content they have shared on Facebook. They are told you can remove this content… or we will prosecute you, or we will hang you,” he said.



The full report is in here: 


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Its happening everywhere.

Youtube just announced they will delete any postig with the Trump wistleblowers name.

Nobel Price winner Abiy just passed a law to censor Media a tool obviously focused on Jawar and the likes.

Farmaajo is doing what UAE, Ethiopia .have been doing. Very sad. When paying for few internet trolls brings more return better than brigades of army.


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8 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

Farmaajo is doing what UAE, Ethiopia .have been doing. Very sad. When paying for few internet trolls brings more return better than brigades of army.


Well, unlike Abbiy's Ethiopia and the sheikdom of the UAE, who in turn between them have a nations to run and to control it from air to land, Mr Farmaajo, on the other hand, doesn't control completely the four corners of Mogadishu. Let alone the various regions of his alleged country.

Hence, his attempt to silence the media is essentially more sinister than theirs. Since, his agenda is that of actually trying to create a fiction from whole cloth in the sense of actually harming and intimidating those journalists who says that the emperor is naked, or those who says government does not run the streets of Mogadishu.

Which is why Amnesty International wrote this alarming report about it. And as day follows night, the failed clique in Villa Somalia, did immediately turned around and said it, that, this is rubbish in a pro-forma sort of sloganeering without actually going in chapter and in verse as to why this report is wrong. Which is how you know that Amnesty International seems to have hit their finger on it a "raw political nerve" in so far as the Villa Somalia is concern. 

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Amnesty soomaalia waxba kalama socoto waxaa ku shaqaysanaya magaceeda ciyaal aan waxba kala saari karin.

Waxay u tagaan oo waraysta idaacado waagii hore caalami ahaan jiray magac iyo maamuusna lahaan jiray, hadase lagu wareejiyay wiil gabar carab la' oo dhagaha kaliya iska maqla xataa ayagu isma fahmi karaan, iska daa inay dad kale war u sheegaane.

Dhagayso BBC-somali kenya hadaad rabto inaad saxaafadda wax ka ogaato.

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