All the Bogus Talk About Somalia's Financial Probity Can't Hide The Truth.

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Hello Folks,

I may be bit harsh in here but some one need to "page" Dr Beileh, the retained "Awr-Kiraale" of Villa Somalia, and should tell him that all that jazz and all that talk he is being at it in the last three (3) years or so about how Somalia is heading to be the "paragon of public financial probity", was really so much of an insults to average citizen of Somalia with his or her meager and much impoverished innate intelligence.

And that is so since the highly respected financial watch dog of the world, which is actually the most premier and prestigious one that is going at the moment in any where in the world, seems to have "pecked" that Somalia is essentially, once again, as "ne'er-do-well financial delinquent" sort of a State. Particularly, when it comes to the management of its public finance.

Hence, we can say that much talk of IMF saying a good words about Somalia, or even such silly talk of World Bank having a good view of Somalia's public finance, is so much of a tiresome hogwash of the most pitiable kind, really.

After all, they say the "taste of the pudding is in the eating". And it seems that when the financial watchdog that is the most respected one in the world, had "tasted" the "cooked pudding" in the terms of the financial management of Somalia, in which the likes of our cheaply-retained "Awr-Kiraale", by the name of Dr Beileh, had put it out for their inspection, or for their "tasting review" of it, then it seems that outfit was not only not that much impressed with his handiwork. But in fact they end up being revolted by the "taste" of what he cooked up for them. And they did so to the extend that they found themselves ganging on it.

Lets get our Galbeedi here, since we shan't be lucky enough to have the likes of Dr Beileh to explain himself to us in here of SOL. And lets also hope that our Galbeedi would be in a position to mount a good defensive case for that "Awr-Kiraale" of Villa Somalia by the name of Dr Beileh.

Or at least, lets assume, that, our Galbeedi, will be a good defensive attorney for him in here, in-terms of justifying the "truthfulness" of all that "jazzing talk" in which he in turn was telling us only a week ago in-terms of how IMF and the World Bank are really that impressed with the likes of Dr Beileh in his day's job of managing the public finance of Somalia.

Lets hear it from our Galbeedi, shall we. 



Somalia remains most corrupt country in the world-Transparency International

NAIROBI (HOL) - The campaign body Transparency International has for the 13th year running ranked Somalia the most corrupt country in the world placing it in the same league as South Sudan and Syria.

According to its 2019 report released Thursday, TI determined that Somalia is still the most corrupt nation on earth with a score of 9 out of 100 points. Close to Somalia are South Sudan and Syria with 12 and 13 points respectively.

Denmark and New Zealand were ranked the least corrupt countries in the world with 87 points followed by Finland in second place with 86 points.

According to the Corruption Perception Index framework used by TI, countries are rated based on expert evidence on areas such as bribery, efforts to prosecute public officers involved in corruption, existence and functioning of anti-corruption bodies and the independence of judiciary.

Other areas of assessment include protection of whistleblowers, transparency in award of public contracts and use of public facilities by government officials for private purposes among others.

TI said it was imperative that Somalia puts in place measures to ensure the 2020/21 elections are cushioned from corruption by setting up of anti-corruption mechanisms.

Somalia has however rubbished the TI reports in the past. Finance Minister Abdirahman Beileh dismissed the assessments as false and unreliable in 2018 noting the ‘habitual labelling’ of Somalia as the most corrupt in the world was not based on facts since Transparency International never sought Somalia’s side of the story.

However, elections in Somalia present a clear picture of pervasive corruption which has made politics a game of big money. The UN Panel of Experts in its 2019 report noted that South West MPs were flown to Mogadishu in December 2018 and each received $5,000 ahead of the state presidential poll.

“They (MPs) were offered a further $20,000 to $30,000 to support specific candidates upon the successful conclusion of the electoral process,” the report notes.

Similar cases were reported in Puntland ahead of the January 2019 presidential elections where candidates paid MPs between $30,000 and $70,000 to secure their votes according to the UN report.

Botswana was ranked the least corrupt country in African with 61 points followed by Rwanda with 53 while Mauritius and Namibia followed closely both with 52 points.

Somalia’s neighbours Ethiopia was ranked number 96 with 37 points while Djibouti was ranked number 126 with 20 points as Kenya closed the list at number 137 with 28 points.



NAIROBI (HOL) - The campaign body Transparency International has for the 13th year running ranked Somalia the most corrupt country in the world placing it in the same league as South Sudan and Syria.

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What this report tells you is that all that talk about debt relief and how the IMF will help Somalia to get back its "credit ratings", into a positive image so that it could borrow again, was all along so much of a poppycock, really, 

Also, one more crucial point I should say in here is that, when you disregard the politically motivated agenda of talking up Somalia which is what IMF and World Bank are doing for sole agenda of "sustaining" western's strategical agenda of "glorifying" Somalia lest Somalia go backwards due to sheer haplessness, the main issue of debt relief is contingent on few things.

And those "condition" are as follows:

1- The ability for the State to actually and physically control every inch of its territory.

2-  The ability for the State to levy tax, uniformly, across the board of the country without interference (or impedance) by any other duly-formed authority within the State.

3- The ability of that state to print its own money, control the money circulation, and have that money, which ought to be the legal tender of the nation, being accepted across every inch of the land. 

Hence, since Somalia is far from those criteria or fulfilling those "condition", then that means all these talk of debt relief advertisement in which Dr Beileh has been at it for while now is so much of a cheap political distraction got up by Villa Somalia from the real task of actually securing the country and allowing the State to enjoy the "monopoly of violence", so that its legal writ could run across the whole land, if they could do it.

Everything else is so much of a silly talk, really. 

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This so called Transparency International is a political report not scientific, technical or even based on concrete measurements. THey probably never visited Somalia for this report or the ones before.


They just relied on the report by the UN Expert Panel on Somalia, a group that has done nothing to gauge the serious issues facing the country. This UN panel never investigate about the ability of Amisom forces or how Al-shabaab procure their weapons and the billions looted by the NGOs in Nairobi. They do not Investigate if projectes with hundreds of millions of dollars were spent, like the $160 million dollars spent to bring water to Hargeisa,


Furthermore, this report is based on false measurements. Let me elaborate more on this.


If you want to judge the best football teams of the world, the first criteria should be that the the nations you are comparing must at least have footballs teams to begin with. In the so called report they say:

"Index framework used by TI, countries are rated based on expert evidence on areas such as bribery, efforts to prosecute public officers involved in corruption, existence and functioning of anti-corruption bodies and the independence of judiciary."


Other than bribery , the most important indexes are the independence of the judiciary and efforts to prosecute public officers involved corruption. Somalia as a nation rising from the ashes of civil war doesn't even have yet a functioning judiciary, let alone being independent. 


We are the punching bags of the Nairobi based looters who want to get rich by judging a war torn nation while laying in Kenyan beeches. I do believe this so called Transparency group are just another arm of those who want to use these reports for political reasons. They want to keep us down, but will not be discouraged by these people. By no means I am not disputing the existence of corruption and bribery in Somalia especially election related , but in 2020 we came a long way.

How on earth a country with zero independent judiciary like Saudi Arabia where the whole country and the system is owned by kings, princes and their children would score higher than Turkey or Malaysia. 


Saudi Arabia 51

China             80

Turkey           81

Mexico         130 

Those who write these reports  might all claim to be a renown world class entities in terms of integrity, but the financial collapse of 2008 had taught us that these watch dogs are influenced by money in general. Standard and Poor's and other credit rating agencies inflated the scores of the companies who used their services by hiding the real risk. This TI guys are probably another corrupt watchdog for sale. Those who play ball get better ratings. 


Despite all the problems we have I do believe most of the negative reporting and lower score is probably the actions or inactions of Somaliland. Remember, unlike our delusion of considering Somaliland a different country, most of the world bodies, whether it is the UN, World Bank , EU and other international bodies consider Somalia as whole including Somaliland. 


In fact, if there is a place to judge where there is the the existence of judiciary,  albeit in a farcical form  and other prosecutorial bodies to measure , that must be Somaliland. It has a one man supreme court, the judiciary is fired if it doesn't follow the government orders , especially anything involves politics or freedom of the press. Heck, we have even seen people being condemned three years of jail byb the judge before the accused even opened his mouth. The police would arrest you in Hargeisa and will keep you in jail until you pay up. 

Oodweyne , you should know that this ugly moniker is carried by the Somali race everywhere including Somaliland which is the main drag for this score. The best thing to do is build credible institutions and honest justice system for our own sake and not for the hungry hyenas in Nairobi and New York. If there is a serious issue of mismanagement of donor money from the so called UN panel, they should start with  the good city of Hargeisa is without water after 9 years and $160 million dollars were spent on " Wells from nowhere" just like bridges from nowhere we used to hear from this side of the world.


I do believe that Somalia got these low scores based  partly on the  actions of   Somaliland and its corrupt judiciary.  As I said , you can not measure if a nation does not even have football teams to qualify. Somalia doesn't have judiciary or functioning prosecutors unless one considers Al-shabaab judges who might get better scores just like the Saudis.


These useless body should have given better score to Somalia for holding elections despite the bribery, because in their website  they claim , "this year was primarily  focused on elections". If that is the case, why on earth is Saudi Arabia scoring #51. They do not have independent judiciary , they do not have elections, and in 2018, the young feudal monarch Mohamed Bin Salman, destroyed the succession rules when he arrested the crown prince Bin Naif.


They probably used a simple barometer which is war and instability.  Since Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria are the lowest along Somalia, they should probably base their index on stability than judiciary and presecution.In war torn countries, accounts are settled within the barrel of a gun not in a courtroom. .

Furthermore, in 2019, the first even audit report was released in Somalia. The auditor general of Somalia has issued  his reports even pointing fingers to the government which never happened in Somalia for the last 50 years. Here the BBC reporting:  " Xafiiska Hanti dhawrka guud ee Soomaliya ayaa sheegay in uu wada baaritaan ku saabsan musumaasuqa. Dr Nuur Faarah, ah hanti dhawraha guud ee Dowladda Federaalka ee Soomaliya, ayaa sheegay in baaritaanada ay xitaa saameynayaan xafiisyada madaxweynaha iyo kan Ra'iisal wasaaraha".


International media like Reuters even published his accusations against the government. Her, "The Somali government is keeping some donor funds offshore and none of the ministries have completed last year’s accounts, the auditor general said in a report published on Wednesday".  After the report the finance minister explained the account the government has in Turkey.

That kind of report by independent auditor is impossible in Djibouti, Ethiopia , Egypt and the Gulf despots.This move by the  audit general alone should have moved Somalia on better grades. 

OOdweyne, in North America and Europe you will be judged as an Muslim, African or Somali. For the inward looking Yankee or the Britt, the land of Somalia (Somaliland) is where we the nomads hail from. So, let us lift our people from humiliation and look up. Regardless of what you think you can not escape from the Somalihood.

Did I tell you about a story  about a train tide almost 28 years ago?  I was riding a train from Rome to milan. We usually depart at midnight and reach Milan early in the morning. We shared the cabins with a Somali lady and two Italians. The old Italian man touched the Somali lady inappropriately and she was pist off . She was from central Somalia judging by her accent. She angrily slapped him and told him , " Adoo kale meeshaad iga taabato sida Eyga ayaan iska madhaya"" which infuriated the Italian.I still remember that proud Somali lady.

Dr. OOdweyne , we are proud Somalilanders and we want this nation of Somalia to rise. 

Jimce wanaagsan.

Maxaa sira la qaybsaday.


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Dear Mr Galbeedi,

I know this is the best valiant effort you could make for "Awr-Kiraale Beyleh" and what he is been up to in the last three (3) years or so he is been in charge of Somalia's finance. And Perhaps, it's the best good "gloss" you could come up with it for Somalia's under the self-serving "N&N gang" in Villa Somalia. And lastly, it's your "personal testimony" towards the longing hope you have in seeing a decent government emerging some time in the future for Somalia.

Hence, all of it, mind you, are indeed a laudable attempt in which one could be for it, both morally and intellectually. Or at least, in the larger sense, one should not be reproached by others in doing his best to put pen to paper and say: "here is where I stand and here is why I stand", as you seemed to have done in here.

However, the crying shame of it all is that none of it and everything you have written up here so far - in the cold light of the day - actually amount to not even so much of a stale and rapidly decomposing "yesterday's dog's breakfast" (as some of the English verbal wags sometimes label this sort of a tiresome stuff). Which in turn are not even worth that much higher merit that should detain others.

Much less said about the "claim" that says that what you have written in here so far will give a "good tale" to tell about why Somalia should be consider to be in a "better position" when it comes to fighting all the governmental and society's systemic corruption than what this recent report from Transparency International (TI) says on behalf of Somalia.

Consequently, I will go through a detail "point by point rebuttal" of all your argument. And the points you have surmised and raised in here will be dissecting with eagerness on my part in a chapter and in verse sort of way. So, my friend, bare with me along the way, will you.

Here we go, so buckle up, mate:

Point one - You have raised an arguably valid criticism (at least on the face of it) about the "methodology" of the financial evaluation in which this sort of watch-dog uses. Particularly in-terms of whether they are "biased" (or could be biased) towards the West. Which is perennial gripes from the usual failing third world countries. And how they may be running some sort of "favoritism scam" on behalf of those who pays them handsomely against those who are too poor to even "cough-up" a bit of money on the side to them so that they will give them a good "financials image" (as it were) or "good credit ratings".

Although, tellingly, you haven't produced so far of any evidence involving of TI other than relying on the ancient history of how the likes of Standard and Poor, Moody, and the rest of those sort of western's financial watch-dogs missed the boat of predicting the collapse of the financial system of the West in 2008. And it's ancient history, of course, at least in today's financial markets that works or trades on milliseconds "trading swaps" "contracts derivatives" and all that stuff. Also you should know by know that "predicting" markets gyrations and the "directional trends" of stock-markets volatility for even one month only (let alone a whole year or even a decade) is really mug's game.

And therefore, I am not so sure that what the likes of Bank of England (BoE), the US's Federal Reserved Bank (Feds), the European's Central Bank (ECB) have all missed (which is the financial crash of 2008) could be construe as a "fiduciary failings", solely at the feet of the commercially trading financial watchdogs of the western's world. But that is my take of things, really. Which means the opposite toss of it can well be argued by anyone with a straight bat (no less).   

But, still, the point is that you haven't actually show, specifically, how TI is in bed to with those who wish to "malign" the alleged good financial reputation of Villa Somalia. Which is what your flimsy allegation amount to at the end of the day. So that being the best case of the defense you could come up with of why TI got it so wrong, then I will say, I shall revisit this argument when you present, eventually, a concrete evidence of why TI is in bed with the likes of Saudi Arabia (for instance). And it's institutionally biased against Somalia along the way.

Tell Dr Beileh, that as someone with PhD (like him) should know by now that in any academic arguments and counter arguments, the first thing you will be ask, at least from the get-go when you are trying to present your argument in a written paper whereby the intention is that the oral discussion of it will timely follow it after the initial presentation is done with it, will be whether there is any "reputable citation" that are attached with your paper as a "reference" that in turn can be followed through later on by all those who wish to "interrogate" further what you have written.

And so far, my friend, all we have from you is essentially empty waffle of the most tiresome sort. Even accepting that you are merely "stranding-in" for Dr Beileh in here. And therefore even if we are to presume that he would have made a better fist of it than what you have so far done in here when it comes defending the position that hold the thinking that says the likes of TI of this world are inherently and institutionally known to be "biased" against Somalia.

Point two - You did undertake a great deal of "traveling millage" in the direction of comparing Somaliland to Somalia. Which means you have passed though all sort of "political scenery" alleging of how Somaliand is corrupt to the core. Or at least more corrupt than whatever "feat of criminality" the likes of Villa Somalia can be accused of. And that to you was the best and convincing "summation" of all good the things that can be said on behalf of the clique that are in power in Mogadishu. However, what you are forgetting in here is that, granted, Somaliland hasn't got much to which to write home about it in-terns of its anti-corruption policies. But it's not Somaliland who is in the habit of talking up about this endless "PR shell-game" of how the World Bank and the IMF are about the "award" her the "financial paragon prize of the this year". Which is the sense you get when you listen to the likes of Dr Beileh talking up endlessly and indeed touchingly rhapsodizing about how Somalia had turned the corner in its "financial management process".

Moreover, it's not in Somaliland per se whereby the "open purchase of parliamentary seats" (as it have been happening in Somalia from ever really) is the normal reality. Where purchasing of presidential seats (like the way Mr Farmaajo came to power) is the norm of politics. And where the buying of even the regional governships (like the way South-West State and Puntland State presidencies was obtained in last year) is the done and the proper thing. And therefore it could be confidently argue that where all of these sort of "delineating acts of systemic corruptions" is taking place is not really the country or the place, who should be asking, with straight face (no less), from the rest of the world to believe that that they have licked corruption, or are on their way of defeating it from its government's process. Which is the gist of the argument of Villa Somalia. Since that is their argument, if you boil it down to one sentence.

You see absurdity you are peddling in here, my friend? Or at least do you see how stretching credulity what you are trying to stand it up in here as an argument really amounts to? Let alone that being as something of a decent argument in which others ought to entertain it from you. How deluded, my friend, you must be, really. And I ask that question in a good faith purpose only, so don't put your knickers in a twist, my friend.

Point Three - You have talked about how the lack of legal and properly functioning Judiciary in Somalia is hampering the effort to fight corruption in Somalia. And yet you are so quick to fly out of the handle in the praise of what Somalia is trying to achieve, that, you haven't even noticed how you (in that sentence alone) have in effect "hoisted yourself onto your own petard". And by that I mean the very essence of fighting corruption requires an independent legal system, that is fair, competent, and politically independent. Hence the question is that what is the worth, or what is the "weight" in which we should attached to the sort of argument that says this place is fighting against "systemic corruption", and yet at the same time the place itself doesn't have any verily reliable and legally as well as duly formed independent Judiciary branch? You see how you really are all at sea in here, my friend? 

I mean I get it and I do understand that you may get some sort of "cheap shillings" (or perhaps it could be Canadian's Dollars, per se, as a weekly stipend from Villa Somalia to you as a "retain shill" on their books). Particularly in-order for you to talk, glowingly, about the Villa Somalia and the political "N&N gang" that are there and what they are doing. And you may be expected to talk in this way. But really this is an exceptionally obtuse argument even for your reliable "low standard" of being a mere hired "water carrier" for those chancers in Villa Somalia. Hence, the best retort that I can say in here is to say that it really ill-becomes for a man to claim that he singularly deserved a passing grade in class's exam at the end of the year when in fact on the other hand he hasn't turn up even in one single day in class, hasn't read any freaking books about the subject at all, the class assignments simply came and went without him having his contribution being marked. And yet here he is out there still having the "chutzpah" to detain the school's exam board as to why he was given a "failing marks" at the end of the semester. 

In other words, a state who openly say our judiciary are not that much of functioning operational outfit, since they lack the one of their highest court in the land, given that sort of court would have been the "final place" in which matters arising from governmental and systemic corruption could be "adjudicated" on and settles these sort of issues, is not really the place or the country that is in a position to say that they should be "lauded" as a country that is fighting against government's corruption in route and branch sort of way.

Final Point - In conclusion, I really gave your argument the best estimation I can think for it. I gave them the widest generosity of spirit in which one should view an argument in which one was presented with. And I duly gave it the largest possible leeway in which a written argument with inherently poor articulation should, from time to time, be excuse with it, particularly if there is a requirement to treat such argument with that sort of kid's gloves. And yet after all that, after all that effort, I couldn't find anything worthwhile to be said for the gang in Villa Somalia that is in here in-terms of what you have presented to us on their behalf so far.

That really was a poor argument from top to bottom. And if this is what the likes of highly-learned fellows like you could only make it on behalf of the usual political gang in Villa Somalia. Then I am afraid, they have wasted four (4) freaking years in this sort of cheap public relation (PR) agenda. And they did so by talking about how the IMF and World bank have a "good word" to say about Somalia. When in fact the contrary reality on the ground is showing what I have detailed for you in a point by point manner. Which is a failed government that can't secure its territory, can't meaningfully collect taxes across the nation (apart from Mogadishu), can't implement even the most basic constitutional or judicial reform that can fight system corruption.

Yet, despite all of that, what we have in Villa Somalia is a government that is very adept hand in the fictitious business of bamboozling gullible Somalia about tall talk of "debt relief". And the cheap sort advertisement which in turn alleges of how the likes of IMF and the World Bank are now any minute ready to sign off the "document" that will be detailing of how Somalia became, all of a sudden, a "Virtuous State", which now should be allowed back into international financial markets if it wants to borrow money. Just like a normal nation in the world over are liable to do. Which is patently false argument, from top to bottom, really.   .

Hence, that really was a bad argument on your part. And indeed, it was poorly conceived, cynically intended, wholly unpersuasive. And it's down right shame that such highly educated folks like you and Dr Beileh of this world, could be so "true believers" of such a "jaw-dropping trite" argument in which you have penned in here for the rest of us to ogle at it in wonder and in amusement take of it. Pity, really, is I could say in here, my friend.

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