Terrorists in Somaliland region celebrate after deadly bombings in Mogadishu

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I never heard of the guy. I don't know why that's bugging you. And let's get not crazy and say he's  MJ of singers. That offends the great classics of the past. And I listen to the classics instead today's auto-tune kids.

In any case, his sentiments mirror  things that were uttered by other seccencist with the same belief. It's hardly unique but I got say NN trolls seemed to succeed this time.


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4 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

Never mind, it looks like he is some sort of singer. I don't get the fuss is about.

You  got it, what the guy said, and his position and weight, and the response from  media, mostly social media, is completely not proportional,  Yes, it was lame thing to say, but NINKA aakhiro baa loola dhacay. Xitaa ilaa reer tolkiis QAAR dayriyeen.

Waxay ila tahay arinku waxa uu ku socdaa meel, SHACABKA SL oo aad loo maran habaabiyey, iyo waxa BK yiri oo runtii laga sugaayey,(SL iyo aqoonsi bay kaga dhegtay, even as it is bad for business)  Markaa cadho dadka la manjarahbaabiyey iyo cidda manjara habaabisay baa lagula dhacay BK. in other words, TAAYIR wareegaya buu hoos galey!

IT has brought back Oodweyne, Suldaanka, Barwaaqo to contain this, 




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I don't actually know BK or whatever his name is. Doesn't matter what he really said. We do know that most Somalilanders are not happy with Biixi and his regime and don't want to see people massacred for no reason. 

Nabad iyo Nolol must take responsibility for failing the country. 

Alaha u naxariisto mowtida. Ammiiiin.

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