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Caano Geel

random pics

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One sung:


Aawey hee

Aaragiisa ma iloowinee


Aawey hee

Ubaxii aan abuuranayee


Waxaan u ooya, u ooma cawada...


And the other sung:


Qabrigii jaceylkoo

Quraanka ku mariyee

Haka qabanin uurkee

U qormee dhexdaadoo

Allahayoow qiyaamaha...

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redface.gif I know how to upload pictures online, it's just that I wasn't sure about the URL bit it asks for on this site :(


lol I guess my now 3weeks in the UK has turned my brain in to "UK Rubbish" ay. But technically I'm an Aussie so it shouldnt apply to me :D


Anyway arn't you a Pom also

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