Can Somalia benefit using EU and African/Middle East Migration Fund

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This is fund to make Africans stay at home and not come to Europe. The plan is:

To support countries with industry to employe young people

To fight the human traffickers

To encourage with up to 50,000 Euro those who want to return, and Africans to accept and assist with land for farming, permits etc for those returning who want to trade, manufacture...etc


Some countries are making a killing from this:

Ethiopia and Ruanda are top beneficiaries so far, Countries like Sudan and Chad, Mauritania...etc are not far behind.


Somalia, Kililka..etc need to work on this and get some Industrail Parks, financing the police and militia to fight traffickers..etc. Resettle Somalis that want to go back from Europe since the situation in Europe is only going to get worst.


What do you think?




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I agree. While North America is totally different, the current Somali migrants might not succeed or even gain employment in most of these European countries who have double digit unemployment. 

They should collect the money and head home. I have seen some news clips about Somalis settled in Rwanda. This nation of Rwanda is picking up young Africans from LIbya, Israel and other places. That is direct investment.

There are large number of Somalis in Europe whose asylum applications were rejected. They should get the money and come home. They could go to peaceful parts of the country especially Borama. We will welcome them.

These European nations should have done something on these news waves of immigrants. One of the first steps is to expel the French from west Africa which are producing most of these hopeless youths.




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