SOOMAALI baan ahay-- Somali Commandos

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This group were trained in Sparta, Turkey.  I hope they get paid well and taken care off.

The typical  Somali soldier tall, dark and fearless. With few thousands like these in Somalia wiho needs Amisom, Kenya and Ethiopia. Why you keep allowing Ethiopian rag tag army to come to Dhuusamareeb and other places. 300 well trained Somalis could do more than what 2000 Amisom does.

Ah, Somali leaders are always cowards and fools who always expect a well cooked meal to eat. They have been demoralized by the false propaganda of others. Rwandan Tutsi rebels had had taken over a whole nation with few thousand fearless men.

These are different generation of Somalis, but  they still have the same proud and fearless characters of their fathers. The downside is They lack the knowledge of history. The young man is trying hard to read the famous song composed by Yam Yam. In my generation, we memorized the whole song.




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Inkastoon Sabool Ahay

Haddana Waan Sariigtaa

Sacabada ma hoorsado(NGO)

Nin aan Saaxiib nahay (Turkey)

Cadawgayga lama simo

Socdaalkaygu waa meel

Sahadaydu waa dacar

Sohdinteydu waa caan.

Nin Isigay ma nabad gelo

Nin isugayna maba jiro 

Libtaa wali ma sii deyn.

Gardarada Ma Saacido 

Nin xaqlena Cidi lama simo.

Soomaali baan ahay.

Nabadan u sahasha 

Colaadaan ka salala

Soma Jeesto Goobaha

Ninka Nabarka Soo Sida (Axmaarka)

Gacantiisa Kama sugo.


1978 , C/qadir Xirsi Yam Yam (AHN)

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I agree. Large number of students who got scholarship from Turkey left for Europe just after the first year. Mist of these got the scholarship through corruption and couldn't qualify to attend schools. 


In fact since middle of the eighties these are probably the first Somali military graduates who came back home.It is really a good sign.

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