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Did Farmajo employ Law 8 or did Uhuru use Law 22?

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One has to first quantify the pressures each has and what each has to lose. It is obvious that Cheeseman is the one that is under substantial pressure and has most lose if the rift continues. 

The first give away here is what made Cheeseman go to Nairobi. The reason given was initially that he was attending a conference. And the conference turns out to be a very low key that a minister could have handled it.

The second give away is the nature of the meeting itself. It took place in Somalia's Embassy, possibly as a decoy and give the false impression that Cheeseman is playing hardball. 

And the 3rd give away is the press release, the press release from Cheeseman's side never mentioned the dispute. Whereas the Kenyan side mentioned it and underscored that 'mutually acceptable' action will be taken. 

The final give away is yet to be materialise and is related to Ahmed Modobe's fate, or whether or not a new election takes place. It seems that the Kenyans may have thrown Ahmed Modobe under the bus or at the very least accepted a 'new election' in jubaland, in return for Cheeseman to settle the dispute outside Court. 

War jiraaba cakaara. 

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Let us give this win to Somalia. 

Waar libinta iyo guusha la iskama tuuro.

Imagine a president coming to your hotel and begging you for a deal.

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