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Is this GUY crazy, hrazy, or neither

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WaterLily, You would have presented a solid case against somali men for their contribution to the endurance of the practice had it not been the fact that this norm was thought by all somalis, males and females alike, to be a religious duty. And I am talking about girl circumcision in particular. I wouldn't be at fault if I say somalis thought if they didn't circumcise a girl, her prayers wouldn't be accepted. There is truth in your suggestion(about men in some of their thinking) but the religious treatment given to circumcision was mostly the reason people practiced that norm and still practice. They treated girls just like boys and all had to be given an undeniable religious right. Once somalis back home understand islam doesn't require it, an ignoramus man's expectations won't have an effect.


I sorta feel embarrassesd talking about this. As you see, Xiin left it alone for the same reason :D But I don't care, isheyda cirbad ma durto if you understand that.

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