Former Somaliland region minister & current Kulmiye member (Axmed Ilkacase) meets with Ahmed Madoobe

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2 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:


I guess the sun is rising from the South/


Actually this could be very dangerous for unitaries and irridentists. It only takes one region to start saying "Let them have referendum" and then its domino effect.

Remember Ethiopia fought to keep Eritrea for 30 years and when the Tigray/Afar have said "We don't need this war, if they want to go let them vote and go". That was game changer and Eritrea was on its way. Some including Eritreans even say that the Tigray kicked us out, we could have had confederation.



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Old observer I don't think the Eritreans would have wanted a confederation. It would have never worked some way shacbiya and woyane would have clashed again over politics economy or border . Coming back to this story he doesn't break any laws he is no longer a Somaliland official he can meet with the pope if he wants  it doesn't change anything. Observer no politician in Somalia has hope  to unite Somaliland with Somalia. Somaliland and Somalia conflict is deeper than Eritrea and Ethiopia conflict.  Eritrea long war with Ethiopia mostly against amharas tigray and  Asmara basically allies sebhet nega had no issue with Eritrea taking the whole Eritrea and landlock Ethiopia. They together karbaashed jebha. Somaliland has no allies in Somalia. Because the majority of the koonfurians believe in the great wild dream to invade jabuuti Ethiopia and Kenya.  Greater Somalia. The other 4  somali speaking countries don't believe  in it. 

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On 10/19/2019 at 10:15 PM, Saalax said:


He looks like the kind of guy who can be bought out with 'nic qaad ah' let alone a whole marduuf.

  • Haha - That was funny. You made me laugh! 1

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