Nairobi, the new scam capital of Africa

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I am currently in Nayroobi. I don't even leave my hotel room when the maid cleans it. I stay right at the door. If I am not here, I asked them not to bother cleaning the room.

Dalkaan iyo dadkiisa si fiican isku naqaanaa, waana dal iyo dadkiisa wada tuugo ah, from madaxweynahooda to booyaasooyinkooda.

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1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

Did they do give hard time at the airport?

Maya, laakiin I know them very well and their little tricks and games they like to play with Soomaalida in order to get shaxaad.

There was this burooko weyne lady when she saw me getting my last luggage, she hurried up to the exit area. Fortunately, they installed scanners at the exit for baggages and many caddaan tourists were putting their bags on it. I did as well and the burookoweyne lady - lo and behold - kulahaa go on that line and this machine is not for you. I asked why, she bumbled something. I told her I am very fine and promptly put my baggages in the scanner. She backed down.

She wanted me to go to those idle standing customs who only target arriving Soomaalida, forcing them to open their luggages, hussling and expecting lacag baasaboorka loo galiyo when they ask to 'check' baasaboorka, though they have no right to since one already passed immigration. Sadly, many Soomaalis did give them money and I believe they still do. Not me. Never did.

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