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Is Ethiopia becoming UAE captive. African drama and disappontment of Turkish with Arabs and Africans. Leaders with no self worth and dignity

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There is no reason what so ever for Ethiopia UAE closeness except naked shameless money and also orders from America and Israel.

There is no historical, economic development, technological, cultural...reasons.

On the other hand there is a million reasons for Ethiopia Turkish closeness. Turkish investment, Joint military to military relations of past decade, Technology transfer and education from Turkish side, Development and training on basic and large investments and development projects such as sugar, textiles... Historical and cultural relations. Example Turkish redeveloping the Negash areas in North for cultural and faith related tourism and restoring and maintaining Negash, Schools and clinics and vetrenary in Tigray and Afar...etc.


Yet the current government in Ethiopia is pushing unhappy general staff of the military to work with UAE.


UAE, Ethiopia advancing military cooperation

September 19, 2019

Lt. General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, has reviewed prospects for advancing military cooperation with Ethiopia at a meeting here with General Adem Mohammed, the Chief of Staff of the National Defense Force.

Al Rumaithi, currently on a visit to Ethiopia, deliberated the progress of military collaboration between the two countries and exchanged views over an array of issues of common interest.

Al Rumaithi is accompanied by a top brass delegation.

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