Al Sissi maybe first casualty of Arab Gulf frakas

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3 hours ago, Holac said:

Sisi will fall. 

The oil and gas companies have Egypt by the throat. Mursi was murdered by the gas companies. Egypt exported its gas to Israel at a tenth of price and imported gas and oil from outside at regular market price.

Just one Egyptian made off with 4 billion. An Israeli who has made the same has the chis-pah taking Egypt to court for 8 Billion dollars for profit lost during Mursi attempt to save the dignity of Egypt.


All Egyptians and all peoples should feel guilty of the way Mursi was murdered. Any society that can tolerate or does nothing about it does not deserve respect. Has no dignity.And this is coming from someone who disliked Mursi's attempts to limit GERD to maybe 3 GW.




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When you see Al Ahram filled with so many trivial "news" yet no mention even of any questions..you know that Sissi is terrified.

Sissi got caught when all his masters are extremely busy. I don't think Netanyahu is even picking up his frantic calls from Sissi.

Dubai Airport was closed today for half an hour, terrified of Drones. 2 Immarate flights were diverted to other countries. That means UAE is also not picking up Sissi calls.



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President Erdogan has priciples, like it or not.

He remembered Mursi at the united nations. The fact that not a single country called its embassy for consultation, or some head of state or government made a statement about the Murder of Mursi tells you how much we have morally been bankrupted.

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