Ahmed Madoobe crowned himself with sham election.

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Since the Carta, Djibouti election , Somali elections followed a transparent elections in terms of selection of the elders and election commission. The election that took place in Jubbaland today was not only sham and illegal but also illogical for any sane Somali to accept. Here are some of illogical moves that disqualify these as fair elections.

Madoobe selected his own elders and directed them to give him three three members and decided to choose one of his liking.

He  encouraged  his own staff to take part of the election and made it his own internal competition.

Just before his demise, Cabdi Illey changed the executive council and made a woman his vice president . At the end of his demise his supporters mobilized people made violent riots and screamed of take over of Oromo in Somali region. That cry and doomsday predicted by his clan never materialized. Just like Illey , Madoobe  chose a woman to run against him while the heavy weight opposition is sidelined. He got almost 60 votes  and the fake lady running against him got only 17.

No sane Somali would accept this fake election, and anyone encouraging these kind of illegal moves has no right to comment on the Somali issue. This kind of election could not have been accepted in Puntalnd, Galmudug or any other region.

Jubbaland needs new election before things get out of hand.


Here is Farah Macalin the Somali statesman from Kenya clearing the air.


How can any sane Somali accept this self serving and false crowning of Madoobe. 

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So far there are two self proclaimed winners of the JL elections and the FGS have appointed a warlord as the mayor of mogadishu. Our country is a lawless zoo, lets just admit it at this point

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