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Did the Somali threw the baby with bath water in Dirdhaba?

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Last Year most Somalis were condemning Illey and none of what he was condemned for is important in Ethiopia. Illey is accused in Ethiopia of preparing Kililka for separation. That is the only case and some false accusation about incidents like church burning which every Ethiopian can witness that it was not Illey that did it.

The Steps taken in Kililka by PM Abiy within one week were:


1. Remove 7 Somalis from Dirdhaba 4 of them memebers of CC of Somali party assigned with authority of party and government power

2. Remove Chief of Security of the city who had not only competence, but most importantly able to work with all Ethnics in the city

3. Now have replaced the rest with Abtigis face book buddies acceptable to Jawar and Abiy.

4. The Brodcasting Agency chief and program folks were removed

5. Education authorities were replaced

6. Liyu was kept in Limbo and some commanders replaced and its cohesiveness negatively affected


These 4 years ut was a Somali that should be governor of Dirdhaba. He travelled to USA and when he returned his office was taken over already with QERO. They have no time to wait. Dirdhaba was one of the reasons Illey was removed. He had always assigned very strong Somalis.




Trade line with Djibouti

Were among main targets for current Ethiopian government. All was blamed on Tigray alliance as well. The close alliance is true, but the close alliance also brought a lot of autonomy for the Somali. Since Somali is not an insider in Ethiopia, he can only be an ally and choose what is better as a Somali.

Very sad situation in Dirdhaba. Almost lost within a year.





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This is hard to believe:

Here is what the journalists were able to find out for now:

The Administrator/mayor is Somali, the Deputy is Oromo.

The Administrator is on official work visit in France

The Deputy called for meeting and did evaluation of Administrator (not mentioned, but was decided to bring down the adminisrator.

Asked if the deputy has now taken responsibilities of the answer

Is the Deputy working from the Administrator office, why did this answer



So many childish, but very dangerous things being done in PM Abiy time. His popularity has really gone down everywhere and respect has been lost. Trust is now at lowest. These are critical.


Since Dirdaba is federal city PM Abiy should have fired the deputy, make a clear statement and admonish publicly the coup attempt using QERO. Otherwise PM Abiy is inviting chaos everywhere.

The Somali maybe slaow starter, but is hard to stop. Never forget that.


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