late Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shireh

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9 hours ago, Suldaanka said:

You have to help me here Maakhiri, show us the 'real history' that you are talking about. Anyone can make claims and counter-claims. But in the end, the facts speak for themselves.

I know that I am questioning all that you were thaught from younger age and it is hard to reconcile this with your preconceived feel-good-stories passed down from one clan story-teller to another and which has since cemented itself as truism and no one actually bothered to apply the BS factor filter through it.  

Every clan has their own feel-good stories. But that is not 'real history'. 

Suldan of Warsangali was trying to bargain a little more for his own clan. There is nothing nationalistic about that. Every clan has done it. 

And speaking of ancestors, at least my ancestors once ruled the whole region. They actually done it, not dreamed about it. Emir Sharmarke Cali Salah's administration in Zeila ruled from Tojorah in Danakil to Erigavo in Sanaag to Harar City, at one time. :D 

Probably should re-read the history of what led to Somaliland becoming a protectorate rather than a colony of the UK. It had a lot to do with the rulers of Zeila and what happened in 1870s after Sharmarke's death. 

Again, I am not here to talk about ancestors. I am here for actual answers to the questions I raised earlier.

'Somali Nationalism' doesn't go beyond clan interest, it begins with clan interest and stops at clan interest. 

That is true, but clan interests coincide and that means 2 clans.

Few Clans preferred Britain than France or Italy. Then or now in hindsight they were better off.

The only fairly clear fight between Somali and colonizers was Puntland. Even after defeat Italy could not put its tax collectors or administrators, Puntland.

Somaliland also achieved the next best deal. Protectorate rather than outright colony. Makes big difference.

You may think Somalilands bargain was to preserve balack/white, Muslim/Christian, Somali structure/direct imperial structure and not Somali nationalism.

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On 7/16/2019 at 5:26 AM, cadnaan1 said:

What annoys me the most is the real heroes of the Somali history were not given recognition but was created some fictional characters like dhagax tuur iyo xaawo taako iyo axmed gurey and many more.

Widaay, maxaa ku daaray. Dhacdadii Dhagaxtuur goormee 'fictional' noqotay. Haddaa ula jeedid qof Dhagaxtuur la dhaho jirin, waa runtaa taas. Qof aaminsan ma jiro taas. Dhagaxtuur dhacdo maato lagu gumaaday u taagantahay.

Sidoo kale Xaawo Taako mudnaan ayee naga mudantahay, nafteeda ayee u hurtay. SYL dhaqaalo badan ayee u soo aruurisay ee ku shaqeeyaan, qof fur furan oo dadaalaayana wey ahayd.

Taalada Axmed Gureey Xabashada la xasuusiyo loogu tala galay, in Soomaalida hilfaha u qaadi jirtay la xasuusiyo.

Sax, Soomaaliya halyeeyo kale wey jireen oo taalooyin loo dhisin, sida Sheekh Xasan Barsame, Xalane iyo dhacdadii xasuuqa Lafoole. Laakiin iyaga meelo ayaa loogu magac daray, sida iskoolka Sheekh Xasan Barsame, xaruntii tababarka Xalane iyo Kuliyadii Lafoole.

Halgamayaashaas dhan wey noo wada simanyihiin ee Eebbaa weyn ha u wada raxmado.

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man of legacy, excellence  simply  tactical genius  who in his time were in war with three fronts  

he Sultan (also known as the Garaad in some parts of Somalia) was the sole soverign regent and the government of the Sultanate. The dynasty was also called the Garaad or the House of North-East Somaliland Sultanate. The Sultan enjoyed many titles such as Sovereign of the House of North-East of Somaliland Sultanate, Sultan of Sultans of Somaliland. Note that the first rulers never called themselves Sultan. The Sultan title was established by Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire in 1897. the dynasty started in 1298

Garaad Dhidhin (1298–1311)
Garaad Hamar Gale(1311–1328)
Garaad Ibrahim (1328–1340)
Geraad Omer (1340–1355)
Garaad Mohamud (1355–1375)
Garaad Ciise (1375–1392)
Garaad Siciid (1392–1409)
Garaad Ahmed (1409–1430)
Garaad Siciid (1430–1450)
Garaad Mohamud (1450–1479)
Garaad Ciise (1479–1487)
Garaad Omar (1487-1495)
Garaad Ali Dable (1495–1503)
Garaad Liban (1503–1525)
Garaad Yuusuf (1525–1555)
Garaad Mohamud (1555–1585)
Garaad Abdale (1585–1612)
Garaad Ali (1612–1655)
Garaad Mohamud (1655–1675)
Garaad Naleye (1675–1705)
Garaad Mohamed (1705–1750)
Garaad Ali (1750–1789)
Garaad Mohamud Ali (1789–1830)
Garaad Aul (1830-1870)
Garaad Ali Shire (1870–1897)
Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire (1897–1960)
Sultan Abdul Sallan (1960–1997)
Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan (1997 - today)

Sultanate dynasty of Sanaag Clan

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On 7/16/2019 at 6:34 AM, galbeedi said:


Also, Ina Cali Shire never signed the so called Somaliland protectorate agreement reached with other tribes mainly the Habro and the Awdalites. In fact, it is one of the major arguments that his land (SAnaag) and those in the eastern side were never fully part of the the British empire. 


in  the so called somaliland protectorate  (Maakhiri country) was always independent .  After the Maakhiris threw there lot with the Sayidka the backstabbing Brits met the Sultan in Berbera the deal they put fort was his country will independent but they (the brits) will establish  political control to the rest of British Somaliland but he rejected that agreement and fight /war developed were lot of soldiers got killed that is what this letter is touching on if they free him it will have grave political consequence.

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guys, stop the name calling. the thread is hijacked first  by dumb  troll Amigos, who clearly sick and  filled with hate.

all that is obvious from those links, is that , it was horrible time, and at the end, the seed put by the Darwish movement delivered on 26th of June 1960.


for those who don't know french,  and for those who still today cheer for BRITISH rule, as golden era.. it is 100% human zoo!



For a few weeks Parisians have been able to see in the Jardin d'Acclimatation an ethnographic exhibition of the most curious: it is a caravan composed of twenty-six Somalis, men, women and children. Thanks to the well-known amiability of M. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, we have been able to examine closely and in detail those samples of a human race which are not often occasioned in Paris. The description we give here is written according to the invariable plan we have set for our ethnographic descriptions.

The country. - All the Somalis of the Garden of Acclimatization come from that part of the African coast which is exactly above Aden, they belong to the tribes Habr-Auel, Habr-Junis, Habr-Gerhadjis, Habr-Toldjaleh, Dolbohanta, etc. But the Somalis, in general, occupy a much larger territory, because they are spread over the whole surface of this northeastern tip of the African continent, which touches, on one side to the Gulf of Aden, and on the other side to the Indian Ocean.

To the north they go as far as Abyssinia; to the south, they extend to the territory of the Sultan of Zanzibar; To the west, the country being poorly known, the limits are undecided. In addition, the Somalis are continually at war with the Gallas, their neighbors on this side.

The region inhabited by our Somalis can be divided into three parts: (1) the coast, where we find some large villages to which we give the name of cities; (2) a long chain of limestone mountains along this first zone; (3) the interior plateau, crowned with high mountains, where the nomads live. We can say, in general, that the country is little watered.

Currently, the Somali countries are under the protectorate of England, which has some posts in the main towns of the coast.

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55 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

all that is obvious from those links, is that , it was horrible time, and at the end, the seed put by the Darwish movement delivered on 26th of June 1960.


I do not discount that there were problems, as much in Somaliland as in any other Somali region. As illustrated by the forceful removal of those Somalis that are caged behind barbed wires.

But lets not forget a worse situation is unfolding today. Every country you go to, there are Somali in jails, in terrible conditions. Not to mention the slavery in Libya. 

Somaliland was the least affected by foreign interferences. That is a fact. The only thing the Mad Mullah done was to turn the eyes of the Empire to our country. Before the Mad Mullah, the British were only stationed in key cities and locations, far away from the majority of population which were nomads. 

After the Mad Mullah, there were foreign armies from as far from India as in Egypt and Uganda that were brought to the country. And the British Administration started moving to the country side where it never reached before.

The British had bigger fish to fry erwhere in the world, they least interested in Somali issues. 

That cannot be said about the Italians. The Italians considered Somalia their main possession, and dealt with it like an extension of Italy. 

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Pipe down people!

Whatever the current politic difference, we should never celebrate the white colonist’s actions.

nimanyahow xishoda.

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He definitely hijacked. The Sultan has written many letters for different times, yet, they brought this one to highlight his weaknesses under duress.. This was a letter of grief stricken man sequestered from him home, family, wife , children and taken to unknown island. 

History has shown he along Faarah Oomar were the only Somali leaders exiled by the British. Even after they released around him  nineteen thirties , they kept him in Eden for political reason. Having been the father in law of Sayid Mohamed, Ina Cali Shire could have created problems for the British.

Our friend Suldaanka keeps talking about ' Buur ahow ama buur ku tiirsanow" which is a false Somali hubris that is exaggerated the tribal reach. The great Darwiish, Ina Cabile Hassan, landed Berbera " Isagoo baakoorad laadlaadinaya" . he didn't have money, presiege or clan (Buur) behind him. His paternal clans were far away in Iimay and Godey. Yey, within few years he raised the largest army the Somali people had seen in early twentieth century. He was aided by proud nomads first from Buuhoodle including Ismaaciil mare and other from Sool, Sanaag and even Togdheer (There were large West and East Burco) Daraawiish contingent  in the early years.

If there was anyone to follow the footsteps of the Daraawiish, it wasn't going to from Puntland or the Habro, but from Sanaag. That is why the British kept him out of the  region until the second world war approached. 

Folks, history is a cruel thing that can't be remade. The Daraawiish struggle was the modern Somali nationalism manifested in freedom of faith (Islam) and the Somali way of life free from colonial domination. Of course clan and other cultural issues of the era were always present but the main issue of struggle against the colonials was always paramount. The 21 year Daraawiish war has discouraged the British to make this land full colony. He created "Cheif Aqils" and other divide and rule mechanism to deal with the independent nomads who want to roam the land freely. Even when the the Somali nationalism was at height in Somaliland in nineteen fifties, he pitted west burco and east Burco with clan war that almost destroyed the movement.

Certainly some Somalis were on the wrong side of history in that  rebellious  war and freedom. There is no use to recreate or make the villains hero and the hero crazy, tribal  and outlaw as the British did , calling Sayidka Mad Mullah. 

We can't discard and throw our own history and the hero's we hold dear. Because the hero is from  the wrong tribe , it doesn't mean his sacrifices and history must be thrown. I know for may of you guys  are the generations who grew up idolizing  Caydiid, Siilaanyo, Cali Mahdi and C/laahi Yusuf,and of  the history of the nation might have started in 1969 or 1991.

Certainly every tribe had some great heroes who had contributed for the national collective agenda of our people. People fall, fail and rise up.  

Furthermore,  the biggest threat to your own well being and your peace isn't other than your own clan or the closest clan you share the name. If you are in Burco, the east and west clans had killed more people between them than any outsider. Caydiid and Cali Mahdi had killed more among themselves than any other tribe,  the list goes on.

The colonial powered had subdued people and nations who were more powerful than the Somalis. China, India and others were subdued. If a Somali nomad had achieved keeping the British at bay for 21 years,k it was a great feet that we must all celebrate. Heroe like Sheikh Bashir killed in day light in Burco was among the northern heroes of independence. If the Watsangeli Sultanate and Mohamed C. Shire were pro-freedom we must celebrate, just like Sheikh C/laahi of west Burco who proceeded the Daraawiish and fought the british with large causality.

Close this topic and move on, and please do not throw our heroes under the base just to be tough on the wrong tribe.




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2 hours ago, SeaFaringSomali said:

Those "letters" are clearly fake. Tell me lads, how were these letters "written" to the English at a time when their was no scripted Somali language? 

those letters this amigo character provided are fake they were done by some one who is filled with hate and desire to harm ,tarnish peoples reputation .the line of communication were done in Arabic if there is Somali leader writing to the Europeans it was done in Arabic that is the original paper (reference) not the translated as always  ones with inferiority complex could edit those and if they are true its called misleading the enemy  .Somalis before the Somali script were using Arabic script 

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2 hours ago, galbeedi said:

The colonial powered had subdued people and nations who were more powerful than the Somalis. China, India and others were subdued. If a Somali nomad had achieved keeping the British at bay for 21 years,k it was a great feet that we must all celebrate.

Agree completely that is something to be proud of and celebrate  but as usual some people like to discredit as it doesn't suit there agenda 

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The letters were fake? Is this your best attempt at justifying the humiliating letter we see above? 😂

The original letter is preserved in the Seychelles National Archive, it is stored under:

C/SS/2 17.7.1922

You can not escape this one I am afraid. 

Ina Ali Shire was a registered elder of the British colonial administration, he received a monthly stipend from the Brits, we have all the records to prove this. It is impossible for you now to revise history and claim he somehow was a freedom fighter. Waar miyedaan xishooneyn? How can this man standing before his queen as he receives his medal as one of her loyal subjects be a freedom fighter? 


Waali cas 😂

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its you that are trying to rewrite history  . history has been written little lad just because it shows your clan was on the wrong side of history don't waste your time it wont change nothing.

history has phases Suldaan inna Cali shire fought against the imperialist he was anti colonial a man the british consider an enemy whom they respected while those loyal to them they despised them and called names such shoe shiners. 

that picture was the end of the british empire in Aden when he came back home .where he knew he did his job which was to protect his people and get the best of the situation the end of the imperialist was on sight .The invaders didnt colonize his people ,couldn't  settle even give birth in his land and the most important didnt change their religion  . that is called winning considering in other lands  they brought all sorts of corruption over   just like   some parts of the world the imperialist  stripped what ever the natives had as they submitted to them.  

as for your letter it shows the shrewdness of the late sultan as deception is part of war hiding his real strategy .

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Dont even try. 

He is a subject standing before his queen, waiting to be given a medal. You can not spin this.

You can tell he is struggling to stay standing still, the man was made disabled after getting punished by the central majority community in Sanaag for trying to steal some camels.

Its either a miracle that he was able to stay standing still without his cane, or he really, really, wanted to show his loyalty to his queen.

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