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Caption Challenge 1

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‘ello Nomads,


It’s the holiday season and what better way to enjoy than play a game? I’m hereby presenting you SOL’s first competition. And of course, there is a prize. The winner after each week will get a Samsung MP3 Player.


Ok. There is no prize. I cant afford it, I’m a poor student. But maybe in the future. :D


As in the title, the game is called ‘Caption Challenge’. Those of you who buy Maxim magazine for the 'articles' (yeah right) will know this game from the back page. Every week on a Monday, We (the judges) will put up a picture and you have to try and come up with the snazziest caption for it. At the end of the week, the judges will decide who came up with the winner caption. Just to clarify...the FUNNIEST caption wins.... and only the first caption will be taken and any subsequent entries will be ignored.


This competition will run for 6 weeks. A running total will be kept to ensure the ruling king/queen of wit is duly recognized.


1st place = 5 points

2nd place = 3 points

3rd place = 1 point


The rules are simple:


1) One caption per person per picture

2) The decision of the judges is final


The judges:


Curling Waterfall

Legend of Zu



We have asked LOZ to moderate this topic so people don’t post their own pics or flood the topic. So please lets keep it smooth.


This week’s picture is below.




Lets see that world famous wit ….

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Well what you have to do is find a funny line that goes with the picture.



for example: unfortunately this month "Laundry day" at the Monestary and "Free Cappucino day" at the cafe fell on the same day

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Alright, lets have a go then....


"Bloody Marry….is that a stairway to heaven or is hell about to brake loose "



I bet nun of you can top that :D

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I don't know what you're trying to achieve here but could you tell us if you've got some ulterior motive couldn't you come up with a better picture.


People starting to go into some dangerous territories. Heaven, hell and Jesus was already mentioned since when do we Muslims make jokes about hell!


Really disappointing to see how people are reacting.

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