Peace among east and west Burco could be disaster for the Hargeisa oligarchs.

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Why would anyone reject or try to stop peace among neighbors , especially in Burco. 


That is the big question everyone is asking these days in Somaliland. 


Last week East Burco influential elder " Boqor Buurmadow" and other called a " Shir" between east and west Burco community to discuss harmony and conflict resolution  among them. As soon as that news hit in the airwaves, messrs, Faysal waraabe and Mohamed Kahin,  the interior minister,  jumped and denounced the incoming Shir. There have been many tribal gatherings in Somaliland throughout the years, yet what made this  unacceptable is very strange. We all know that no government has the power to deny people to assemble freely for whatever reason, and usually these tribal gatherings call for harmony and peace. 


In fact, it was Ahmed Siilaanyo who called the first major tribal gathering before the election of 2010. Before that , leaders of Somaliland Cigaal and Rayaale never organized a tribal convention. Of course desperate measures were needed in order to gain power in Somaliland. Even Saleebaan Gaal, the chairman of the Guurti was forced  to attend by east Burco clan elders , and were told explicitly to avoid hindering the ambitions of Siilaanyo who  started  the journey some 25 years ago. It was the first open clan politics and it did kill what ever institutions Somaliland had prior that. Since that day , no one would be able to put back the tribal genei inside the box. Now it is in the open. THey coordinated with future Shabaab terrorist like Ahmed Godane and friends and bombed the Hargeisa palace where Rayaale resided . Dozens died, but Rayaale survived.


Still that was not enough for him to win the the coming election. He needed the support of West Hargeisa community that were mostly behind Dahir Rayaale. in order to switch that support to Siilaanyo, the criminal elements of the Kulmiye party went to work. THey revived disputed farm lands in Ceel Berdaale around Gabiley between the Dilla community and Gabiley community. 


Rwanda style radio inciter Dhuxul and others in Horyaal radio called for revenge against Rayaale and his community in order to get the farms . Few days later Kulmiye party operatives led by a known criminal and a killer who already killed people inside mosques in Wajaale area. With The  help of renegade soldiers they put checkpoints between Dilla-Gabiley road . After letting go those who were related with the Kulmiye candidate C/raxman Zaylici clan , they kidnapped four men  from Awdal and took them  to the forest. They shot them and cut their bodies. Army chief , warlord Nuux Tani , has to beg them to release the body.That conflict and its after matter destroyed any good will between Rayaale and west Hargeisa community,  At the end 90% of them voted for Siilaanyo.


Those who kill and murder innocent people to gain power usually end up in a disaster. Stroke hit Siilaanyo days before election and never recovered to enjoy the power. The man behind that plot , Muuse Biixi , is now in charge, and I can assure that he will end up in disaster sooner or later. In 2015, just few years before the election, Wadani party was pushing to get support from the east Burco community, especially in Sanaag area and Burco. The same criminals elements started their plot and innocent people were murdered in cold blood. A Nomadic conflict with no resources to fight had broken between the  two brotherly neighbors. That conflicts drags on till  this day with no end site.


Now, men of goodwill from east Burco,  had seen the light and want to sit down with their neighbors and fix  their disagreements.  The biggest problem is that harmony among these two communities  is bad news for Muuse and the Jeegaan alliance.  Hargeisa is shaking and fools like Cali Warancade was even dispatched to denounce this Shir. Buurmadow had spoken and said, Muuse and others had meeting with west Burco and others   to resolve their issues . He insisted that sitting with their neighbors and sorting out their internal problems should not be something that alarms the Hargeisa establishment( Waar ma dadka aanu deriska nahay lama hadli kartaan ayaad na leedihiin")


WE are all aware that Muuse and Hargeisa oligarchs  will dump east Burco for sure. It is not  if, but when. Some say that he must ride that horse one more time during the incoming parliamentary election and after that he will switch and find a middle ground with the GX in order to rule comfortably with few remaining years. 


Today another minister joined the fray and demanded UAE revoke the temporary residence visa  it gave to Boqor Buurmadow. In his twitter , he describes the Boqor as the enemy of the state by calling tribal harmony. 


Buurmadow also accuses the government of arresting those who supposed to capture the outlaws who committed the murders in Sanaag. He said, in both cases,  those he sent to arrest and inform the authority for their location of the outlaws  were arrested. He believes that the government is an obstacle for peace in the region. Yey, for the government, rapprochement between these two clans seems to be a death warranty for their monopoly of power.


Besides,  this is a normal thing in Somaliland. Tribal cards are usually a one time use phone card ( Mar haddi la xoqdo way dhamaatay). Cigaal used AWdalites against the east and GX in the nineties, now Muuse had used east Burco and he needs another life line to survive. It is the throat cut tribal politics of Somaliland. Who knows, Muuse  might even ditch the whole east and build another false alliance and ride the useless and unrepentant Awdalites who never learn anything despite been burned few times.


The East Burco community  find themselves in conflict zones  both in SAnaag and Sool. Just before Siilaanyo left the office they pushed him to find some kind of understanding between them and Khaatumo in order to avoid a constant conflict with their maternal  cousins. Muuse had scrapped all those efforts and  Cali Khaliif was humiliated along with proff. Samatar. If these conflicts drag on they will be the primary victims while Borama and Hargeisa is peaceful. 


Furthermore, SAnaag and even Togdheer, to some extent , are  dying economically and declining population wise. Even before the curfew Sanaag was losing people who migrate to weast and their economy is non existent. A friend told me that Ceerigaabo, the largest town in the east,  is slowly dying. A plot of land in downtown Ceerigaabo could not even fetch $3000 dollars , while similar lot will be 40,000 in Hargeisa and 20,000 in Borama. Even the divided city of Burco is losing people to Hargeisa. On the other hand , it is an African story where everyone goes to the seat of power. 


Just like Cigaal before him, Muuse is concentrating his efforts between Berbera--Hargeisa --Wajaale corridor, and Djibouti to some extent. In 2000, Cigaal warned NGO's not to pass east of  Sheikh town due to security risks.  Faysal Waraabe, the chairman of UCID , openly said that " there is nothing in Sanaaag, and no one will miss them if they keep making mischief".  He too will lose if these two groups  settle. While Sanaag is rich with natural resources and minerals no one will be developing due to the conflict between East and West Burco. For these any many reasons, it is very important for these neighbors to find common ground and ditch the blood sucking Hargeisa mafia who are taking advantage of the quarrel among brothers. 


Despite claiming to be a victim , Hargeisa will probably pay all the crimes it has committed throughout the years. 


Now, every stone will be moved to prevent peace. Just like the mob trying to kill the " witness for  the prosecution" Hargeisa oligarchs will do anything to keep the war among brothers. This  is dark  ugly politics of Hargeisa , so desperate  to prevent harmony. Who would have thought that peace among the people will be detrimental to others. Every man and woman of  goodwill must work hard to organize and hold this convention of peace in Burco.


Xaaji Aadan Afqalooc said:


Dirxigaba Qudhunku uma uree wuu quutaaye.


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As soon as that news hit in the airwaves, messrs, Faysal waraabe and Mohamed Kahin,  the interior minister,  jumped and denounced the incoming Shir.

The enemies of peace, I guess. 

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Awadal boy so desperate any crumbs will do. Waligaaba rag kale macawistooda hoosta ka gal. 

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