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15 minutes that can ruin your dream, future and life

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Since there are alot of somali women and men who are shamelessly dating and having sex outside of their race, there is something you should really consider before your wild side takes over.


15 minutes of sex with HIV infected person will kill you.


- 1 out of 50 of African American men are infected with HIV.


- AIDS is now the leading killer of African American men between the ages of 25 - 44.


So before dating or marying any women/men, make sure that they test themselves. Particularly if they were messing around with other races. Or you will lose your dream of happy family and kids for 15 minutes of sex.


Please read the article below to see the real scope of this problem.



In the United States, the impact of HIV and AIDS in the African American community

has been devastating. Through December 1999, CDC had received reports of

733,374 AIDS cases–of those, 272,881 cases occurred among African Americans.

Representing only an estimated 12% of the total U.S. population, African Americans

make up almost 37% of all AIDS cases reported in this country.


Researchers estimate that 240,000-325,000 African Americans–about 1 in 50

African American men and 1 in 160 African American women–are infected with

HIV. Of Those infected with HIV it is estimated that almost 118,000 African

Americans were living with AIDS at the end of 1998.


21,900 cases were reported among African Americans, representing

nearly half (47%) of the 46,400 AIDS cases reported that year.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of all women reported with AIDS were

African American.


African American children also represented almost two-thirds (65%) of

all reported pediatric AIDS cases.


The 1999 rate of reported AIDS cases among African Americans was

66.0 per 100,000 population, more than 2 times greater than the rate for

Hispanics and 8 times greater than the rate for whites.

Data on HIV and AIDS diagnoses in 25 states with integrated reporting systems

show these trends are continuing. In these states, during the period from January

1996 through June 1999, African Americans represented a high proportion (50%) of

all AIDS diagnoses, but an even greater proportion (57%) of all HIV diagnoses. And

among young people (ages 13 to 24), 65% of the HIV diagnoses were among

African Americans.


Prevention Efforts Must Focus on High-Risk Behaviors Adult/Adolescent Men.

Among African American men with AIDS, men who have sex with men (MSM) represent

the largest proportion (37%) of reported cases In 1999, more African Americans were

reported with AIDS than any other racial/ethnic group.



To fully see this article please visit the following site.

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"Since there are alot of somali women and men who are shamelessly dating and having sex outside of their race, there is something you should really consider before your wild side takes over."



"So before dating or marying any women/men, make sure that they test themselves. Particularly if they were messing around with other races"


Why do I have the feelings that you saying it is okay to mess around with somalis who are not getting it on with other races but still having sex outside of marriage? Catching these diseases has nothing to with which race you dating.The risk of getting it is always there regarless of your partner's race. Do you know how many somalis have these kind of diseases, for example, Minneapolis?

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:mad: Hey Guled ,just because sum somali guyz and gals r having sex with other partners from different cultures dat doesnt mean they r likely to catch diseases.Havin sex with a somali wont grant u with a free-Aids status.U can catch Aids whether ur messin around with a somali or not.Ur warnings about the HIV instead of being a urgent matter of health is turning to a discriminatory message with ur notions of race.Wat da hell race got to do with informin'ppl about diseases?Let me tell ya sumtin',havin sex outside marriage is not allowed in Islam unless u didn't know dat?Read carefully wat ur writin'next time.

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Guled: there are too many of us who actually take care of themselves well, but feel unappreciated for what they do because of people like you! you need to learn if you really want to criticize @least give some credit.

offcaorse there are girls like me who treat themselves like queens coz we know what we are , but be gentle on the low self-esteem ones who would actually read your words and think hey! he's not giving us any credit! what's the use of being goody-goody!


so please be nice , there is always a better way of introducing your advice to people.


is a good thought of you to be concerned tho.

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why do u people love to drag ur self down with other...Most somali people aren't that wrecked and dont have AIds/HIV but people from other races unless their muslim cause most converts are more religious than born muslims in some ways.....The point is that they have more people who are like that and if somali's weren't all scattered around the world they wouldn't have as many Aid/HIv affected people.....


The mojority is worth mentioning rather then the minority so chill ax.......Ur replies shouldn't be so harsh, u shouldn't be looking forward to mentioning somali's with AIds/Hiv's ,pray for them rather then say how come u aint mentioning SOmali's we all know but it's more likely that u gonna get it from someone who aint somali and doesn't have a religion that says they cant.....


Most muslims or somali's dont have xxx except a few and u shouldn't want to ashame them but rather be caring for ur muslim people.....


Love what u love for ur self for others...If ur healthy and everything dont hate on other cause they made the biggest mistake of their lives, god is their to judg them they dont need u to judge them too...


But in this world am sure everyone's gotta check their spouse and have them tested......

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Somalis, before coming to western countries, were very concervative and islamic except for a few bad ones. Sex was not as prevalent (widespread) among young people as it is today.


Now to answer your question, I am not suggesting to mess around with somalis, but if you do, you probably have less chance of catching HIV than you would if you had sex with African American women or somali with previous sexual encounters with African American.


Remember this statistics is not from my pocket. This is from and Internationally recognized organization called CDC (Centre for Desease Control).





According to CDC, you have 1 in 50 chance of catching HIV if you have sex with African American without condom and we all know Girls prefer sex without condom. So it has everything to do with race. Read the study again.



The reality is, there are alot of somali girls who are having sex outside of their race, specially with black men and might, as result, get infected. If you think I am lying just look around you. How many girls do you hear or see with kids from other races.


Equally there are alot of young somali men who are having sex with a lot of white/black chicks.


If these trend goes on, We will be doomed as the rest of African American people.



I respect anyone including men/women who wait to have sex till they get married but their number is decreasing.


One thing to remember, Somalis will never reveal or admit if they are infected with the desease for a fear of being isolated. So be carefull with who you are dating.


P.S This message is not intended for those who are religious and more responsible for their sexual acts.


This is just a warning but ultimately it is your decision whether to risk it all or not.


Remember this is a matter of life and death.

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How do you think a muslim african american brother feel if he reads your topic saxiib?


What you wrote is very raciest…..

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I am neither racist nor a hater but this is a reality man.


If you think I am lying visit the following link.



Remember the folks who maintain this site are African Americans and they always mention it in black channels such as BET. They do it in order to save their younger generation.


This is real and there is nothing racist about it but you are incapable of understanding reality I suppose.


Read my lips again. I said this is not intended for the religous and people who are responsible for their sexuality. I doubt if a muslim african american will ignore the reality, besides they are not the intended audience of my message.


I gues you have not read my last posting fully.

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This is an old article by the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian.


Breaking through taboos about Aids held by the UK's African community makes the sufferers hard to reach and therefore hard to treat, reports Mary Braid


Wednesday November 28, 2001

The Guardian


In a packed little room at an east London health centre, Mohamud Yasin is telling his story to a dozen Somali women. The group, previously restless, is suddenly hushed and still. Yasin, 27, who fled the warlords of Somalia two years ago, is describing how he went to a GP after he arrived in Britain with what he thought were symptoms of malaria.

He speaks slowly and confidently in his mother tongue, but he swallows now and then. For this is the first time he has told this story in public to members of his own community. Stigma has, until now, kept him silent.


"The doctor sent me to St Mary's hospital for tests," he says. "Three days later the hospital told me I was HIV positive. The relative I was staying with in London was with me. By three that afternoon, he had put all my belongings on the pavement outside his house. He had telephoned everyone I knew to tell them I had Aids and I was dying. I was so shocked by everything and I had no one."


Yasin tells the women he felt suicidal during those dark, early months. The women have never met someone from their own community brave enough to admit to being HIV positive. In Britain, new HIV infection rates are now higher among heterosexuals than homosexuals, and the majority of the new heterosexual infections are within African communities, but stigma and denial within those communities is hampering this latest battle with the virus.


A bad situation is exacerbated by fear among HIV agencies that publicity highlighting African communities as a high risk group could cause a racist backlash, particularly against asylum seekers and refugees. Meanwhile, too many Africans, whether infected in Africa or Britain, are presenting so late with symptoms that they are beyond the help of the antiretrovirals that can remove the automatic death sentence of Aids.


"The communities will not let us in," complains the woman health specialist leading this Somali Aids session. Originally from Uganda, the specialist, employed by the local authority, is fed up with imams who think sex education only encourages promiscuity and who insist that there is no pre-marital sex in their communities. She is frustrated also with communities which deny the Aids threat and - despite the sympathetic response of the women today - generally ostracise those infected. She sighs at the widespread reluctance of men to wear condoms. At the previous week's session, when condoms were produced, one woman stormed out, shouting: "Disgusting". At the end of this session, at least one woman still thinks that Aids is "a punishment from God".


Part of the trouble, according to this health worker, who needs to remain anonymous, is that Somali refugees - unlike Ugandans - saw few cases of Aids back home. Uganda was among the first African countries to see its population ravaged by Aids and among the very few to introduce a successful national campaign of sex education. And in Britain, the Ugandan community has the most well established anti-Aids groups.


Social marginalisation and poor English makes newly arrived Somalis hard to reach. "At first I thought I was the only Somali with HIV," says Yasin, who was encouraged by St Mary's Paddington, west London - his main support when he was rejected by his community - to set up his own Horn of Africa HIV support group two years ago. It now has 60 members and every one of them, according to the founder, has their own story of rejection and stigmatisation. But Yasin is the only one who will talk at public meetings.


Yasin set up the group from home but he now works out of the Globe Centre at Stepney Green, east London, trying to shake up his community's complacency by arguing for sympathy, acceptance and understanding. "People like me are not coming forward because the community does not show support or love and so they are bearing the burden alone," Yasin tells the Somali women. Later, he says that Somalis have kind hearts and he knows they would respond better if they had more information about HIV.


Lisa Power, head of policy at Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, agrees that the huge stigma surrounding the disease in African communities is helping the virus spread. The trust is battling against evangelical churches that advise black people with HIV to give up treatment, as well as the tendency of African refugees to delay HIV testing because of the widespread assumption that a positive test will not help an asylum application. But Power also acknowledges a reluctance among Aids organisations to highlight the high risk in African communities.


"I understand the fear about increasing prejudice, but it is doing no one any favours," says Power, who sees strong parallels with another "denial of the reality" in the 1980s. "Then there was a fear that if gay men were targeted in particular, it would fuel anti-gay prejudice," she says. "It did the gay male community such a disservice. I hear that same view now in relation to African communities."


If all this was not enough, there is an additional difficulty. In Britain, expertise in fighting HIV rests in the gay community, but African men in particular are wary of being associated with anything gay. Graeme Parker, project manager of the Globe, says that only a few years ago the centre was "a place where gay white men waited to die". Now half the Globe's clients are black heterosexuals. Parker admits there are tensions in trying to serve both groups, though centres like the Globe must find a way if they are to secure future funding.


At Terrence Higgins, Power recognises that black men especially are not accepting of gay expertise. But she adds that prejudice works both ways. "Racism doesn't stop just because you are gay," she says.


The Ugandan health worker talks with sympathy about the rejection of her boss, a gay man, by some African communities. "Think how hurt he feels," she says. "He has all that experience and he wants to help." However, she adds that to have maximum impact in the Somali community, Yasin may have to distance himself from the Globe. "The Somali community still sees the Globe as a gay centre and homosexuality as a sin," she says.


Consultation on the government's long-awaited national strategy on sexual Health and HIV ends on December 21. In her submission, Winnie Sseruma, who chairs the African HIV policy network, will ask the government to channel more money for HIV and Aids education through African community groups. "People listen to people who speak a language they understand," she says. She is torn by the question of greater openness about the high risk in African communities. While she believes publicity would help get the message through to the vulnerable, she also fears increased prejudice. "It is tricky," Sseruma says. "I wish I could say there was one answer."


Such article proves that 'hidden or unknown AIDS' does exist in the somali community weather we like it or not.

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Thanks for sharing this article and I do believe it does exist among somalis.


Though there are some somalis with HIV, their number does not compare to the sub saharan African countries.



Places like South Africa, Uganda, Kenya have far more AIDS patients than we do but if we continue this unislamic life style our whole nation is doomed.


Please visit the following link and see the map of Africa and you will notice that all the muslim African countries have less HIV-infected people than those of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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assallamu aleykum bro/sisters


brother guled you not racist but you only provided good information that helps out brother and sisters...........thanks..........we need good brother like you

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Originally posted by Guled92:

Thanks for sharing this article and I do believe it does exist among somalis.


Though there are some somalis with HIV, their number does not compare to the sub saharan African countries.

True...but we should never be complacent about it. Tis best never to assume that someone doesn't have HIV just because you know them personally or they don't look the type. Only Allah knows. Abstinence is the best cure for HIV/AIDS.


Anyways, someone forwarded the following info to me about a month ago...start of June. I'm not sure about the validity of it (it sounds like scaremongering but u neva kno)...I'll leave it to u to draw your own conclusions.





Please read it carefully and spread it to as many as possible!


"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us"


This happened in Paris. A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, person sat on something poking that was on one of the seats. When she got up to see what it was, she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying: You have just been infected by HIV". The Disease Control Centre (in Paris) reports many similar events in many other cities recently.....All tested needles ARE HIV Positive. The Centre also reports that needles have been found in the cash dispensers at public Banking Machines We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with this kind of situation.


All public chairs/seats should be inspected with vigilance and caution before use. A careful visual inspection should be enough. In addition, they ask that each of you pass this message along to all members of your family and your friends of the potential danger.


Recently, one doctor has narrated somewhat a similar instance happened at the Priya Cinema in Delhi to one of his patients.


A Young Girl engaged and about to be married in a couple of months was pricked while the movie was going on. The tag with the needle had the message Welcome to the World of HIV+ family". Though the doctors told her family that it takes about 6 months before the virus grow strong enough to start damaging your system and a healthy victim could survive about 5-6 years. The girl died in 4 months, perhaps more because of the "Shock - thought". We all have to be careful at public places, rest God help!


This is very important. Just think about saving a life of someone even you don't know by forwarding this message.




Wot do guys think? Could it be a true story?

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its definately scary stuff. but in indian societies gossib is like food and travells as fast as the air you breath. but it could also be true. who knowss

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Just to clear the dust...I wrote this so that it will serve as a deterrent(Prevention) for the young somali generation.


Our young generation are our future and therefore, is the responsibility of everyone of us to help build a healthier, better, brighter generation.

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