Abtigiis appoints new Governor for Doollo region

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On 5/30/2019 at 10:06 AM, Apophis said:

Don’t make me laugh. Most of you are of low stock. Short, big forhead and big teeth. 

Boon Dblock lainku sharfay baa tihin ee amus.

Thanks for hospitality and kindness.
Take my free advice little brother, be proud good and strog nation, not wild tribe.

Abtigiis tolka waa nin wax kala saaran yihiin balse way ku adagtahay inuu geel geeso u yeelo.

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Abtigis has lowered the prestige and power of the Somali in Ethiopia one level down.

He attempted to ally closely with Amxara to get some breathing room from the Oromo suffocation, but looks like did not succeed in doing either.

In the mean time, as he has to do some 'dirty' work as all governments do, on the ground, some unhappiness is showing up already and his chances of becoming prime minister of Ethiopia as the Amxara had started propagating to distance the Somali from Oromo is fading.


He will soon rue the day he accused Illey of being separatist and preparing Kililka for separation.


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