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ameenah is currently a member of the dance troupe and performs on occasion

ameenah is a beauty and yes i have been keeping my eyes on her

ameenah is 35 years old


looooooooooool. Why they have to qarxi my age like that!

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J-11- don't know much about feminism but..


feminism is a guy thing-->>>>>more men talk about it than women


feminism is the radical notion that women are people-->>>>>that ain't feminism, that's rocket science!


feminism is not a dirty word-->>>>>then u haven't heard a man say it


feminism is a dirty word-->>>>>then u've heard a man say it


feminism is screwing men-->>>>>so y r the men complaining?


Here's the Googlism for rez


rez is very different

rez is obviously made by the one and only

rez is very simple

rez is good

rez is weird

rez is pretty simple when it comes to mechanics

rez is a textbook example of something that is more than the sum of it's parts

rez is an endorphin machine that releases the essence of trance through futuristic sound and visuals

rez is a tricky subject

rez is an experience

rez is very easy to grasp


Big Brother is watching. ;)

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Tamina is as good as her words.

Tamina is an author.

Tamina is a park ( A park named after moi?? sweet).

Tamina is a hotel.

and finally...

Tamina is a cemetery.



Afur Wanaagsan....I'm starving, thanks for keeping me entertained SOL once again.



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malaika is maybe the first

malaika is in the family way

malaika is the best of the best

malaika is nevertheless a fitness fanatic and enjoys her daily

malaika is currently a member of the national alliance of market developers and the hampton university alumni association

malaika is disputed

malaika is my favourite a cappella group

malaika is a sceptre 36

malaika is too young to remember

malaika is a swahili word meaning child

malaika is not well today

malaika is too short to qualify for a ramp model?... AM 5.8

malaika is a sophomore volleyball player from san diego

malaika is an african name meaning 'angel'

malaika is

malaika is truth and love and the armageddon of her own heart

malaika is the lady with oomph…she is a craze amongst most men

malaika is the fact that

malaika is a beauty pageant

malaika is already on and in his letter charamba says the semi

malaika is african american

malaika is being loved and cared for very well

malaika is one of three volunteer programs that franklin county children services has established for children under their care

malaika is known to set fashion runways on fire

malaika is really beautiful and sexy... I DONT KNOW ABOUT THAY ...LOL

malaika is lovely and sexy and a hot favourite

malaika is the first contest of its kind in the continent

malaika is an software engineer and a denver

malaika is given the opportunity to present a prize to the winner and a few minutes to speak to the audience while its

malaika is going to be a pageant to reckon with

malaika is just finishing her first year of secondary school and has already proved herself to be an excellent student and class leader

malaika is a co

malaika is returned to africa… hanna finds her true love in nick… the four children have a new father… a new and happy life for all

malaika is an african lioness who owns phoenix member sean

malaika is in the warm

malaika is all always around for me

malaika is nevertheless a fitness fanatic

malaika is from cameroon and nabil from lebanon and together they tell the story of how they met one day in an african country and fell in love

malaika is the executive director of youth for environmental sanity

malaika is one of 120 artists showcased in the first major smithsonian exhibition of visual arts dedicated to king

malaika is raking in

malaika is a four

malaika is a softmore at occidental college in la

malaika is © her player

malaika is artistic director for the award winning “kuumba watoto children’s dance company” and “hotep international dance company”

malaika is an internet and transaction processing specialist

malaika is enthusiastic about working as an international peer advocate

malaika is writing a research paper about attention deficit

malaika is a happy little girl now learning to stand and walk

malaika is a 20" lady doll with a soft sculpted body

malaika is a senior software engineer at ibm's santa teresa db2 development group

malaika is all set for a sabbatical

malaika is all set to scorch the screen with her item number in sanjay gupta's kaante »

malaika is ju s2

malaika is a particularly 'motherly' elephant who cares for the younger orphans

malaika is an old romantic interest of t'challa

malaika is glad the ice is broken

malaika is the moderator of the overfelt african

malaika is now happily enrolled in the grade

malaika is a replica of the spray and soon will be a common sight along fiordland coastline

malaika is an academic all

malaika is a good setter

malaika is still modeling and has kept her post with mtv... THAT IS WHERE I GOT THE NAME FROM

malaika is the swahili word for angel and the aim of this company is to provide clients with some heavenly experiences through the nature

malaika is my sister

malaika is very well equipped and in excellent condition

malaika is doing the same

malaika is the one and only real friend he has

malaika is also a proud member of the dean's list

malaika is lying beside her grandmother

malaika is interested in jimmy but jimmy is pre

malaika is the swahili word for angel

malaika is a counselor

malaika is a part of our conviction and the status given by the holy quran is that they are subservient to man

malaika is the only female african lion at the foundation

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Googlism for: underdog


underdog is an overused term >>>> I guess everyones talking about me


underdog is here" the whites have been presented to several honorary underdogs including scca president steve johnson >>>>>> There can only be one, why are the whites trying to put a brotha down?


underdog is arguably the quintessential unlikely superhero to ever make it to tv >>>>>whatever that means


underdog is usually wrong >>>>>who asked this guy for an opinion????


underdog is the american way >>>>>> and they say "I'm" usually wrong???


underdog is trusted by >>>>>>someone please fill in the blank


underdog is a mystery you will want to read >>>>>does that mean I'm mysterious or that life is an open book??? :confused:



underdog is tough >>>> talk to this guy...he seems to know me


underdog is unusual for the irish >>>>>maybe thats because I'm Somali (get Mclean here another drink)


underdog is almost an enjoyable evening at the theatre >>>>until I start asking why all the male dancers have to wear tights and expose their bulges


underdog is in need of some assitence >>>>> I think this guy is in need of some spelling "assitence"


underdog is king >>>> off with his head


underdog is listed at + 160 then the player would have to wager $100 to win $160 >>>>> its never easy with you, is it?


underdog is completely made out of 4130 chromoly tubing >>>>> so is your momma


underdog is an underdog ousted for running against the crooks of a distrusted regime >>>> ejected for trying to hold it down for my peeps


underdog is not someone who fails >>>> hooyo, is that you???


underdog is the winner >>>>> it is say such good things about me :D


underdog is a lethal advantage >>>>> like you didn't know...


underdog is the defiant yet lovable misfit that will compete harder >>>> isn't that sweet?


underdog is coming back to dvd >>>> I'd prefer IMAX 3D

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this is the googlism for pixie



pixie is pregnant with twins

pixie is designed to allow you to efficently browse

pixie is an extremely easy

pixie is a vector image file format

pixie is a vector format

pixie is run

pixie is typically used on a table top

pixie is approximately 110 mm long

pixie is an auroral imager operating on x

pixie is very simple to program

pixie is a small and simple robot

pixie is back

pixie is my girlfriend

pixie is

pixie is connected to the following things

pixie is connected to because

pixie is equal to that of white acre

pixie is a file infecting virus

pixie is by a muscat son and out of a nariadni daughter

pixie is an ordinary looking cat

pixie is only gonna break your heart

pixie is an object instrumentation tool that can be used to measure code execution frequency in a program for performance analysis

pixie is properly protected when traversing the radiation belts

pixie is compact and light

pixie is not an image editor

pixie is also an image editor

pixie is whimsical

pixie is yet another

pixie is an all

pixie is definitely the right choice

pixie is shocked and says that she just couldn't

pixie is in the laundry and is talking about mum's legacy

pixie is reasonably robust

pixie is not seen again until

pixie is a happy sandbox full of imaginative people who get together nightly to chat

pixie is a beautiful sight to see

pixie is a universally respected thirty year veteran of the australian country music industry

pixie is considered ko'd

pixie is named rain and her companion is named snow

pixie is showing every infomation about the color what is in html

pixie is a fourteen

pixie is a very eager fish researcher?

pixie is approximately three years old

pixie is a kind of fairy found in southwest england that has red

pixie is registered as her majesty

pixie is that a pixie is the soul of an unbaptised child

pixie is carrying

pixie is a great favorite of those who specialize in cutting opal

pixie is a

pixie is the cat i've had the longest and the one that i am most attached to

pixie is laying on a large green leaf

pixie is admittedly fairly crude in appearance when compared to some of the other productions of the same period

pixie is a truly economical light plane

pixie is an all white female

pixie is an adorable little girl who i am looking forward to having babies from

pixie is the world's first virtual statuette that is awarded annually to the winners of the directors' board awards for excellence in online motion picture

pixie is simply dc daking

pixie is convinced to turn over an egg she has laid

pixie is a cousin of the pixie

pixie is her dam and we hope that she will follow in her momma?s footsteps in every way

pixie is prone to several maladies

pixie is a very well done site

pixie is used in a free playing environment like the block area

pixie is a group

pixie is a log analysis tool for cisco pix firewalls and routers

pixie is an easy

pixie is +1 melee

pixie is much closer to standard c

pixie is being an excellent mom

pixie is a real estate agent that is known in the community of los alamos for their dedicated client service

pixie is the answer to true light plane building and flying

pixie is also pictured with her dam on mares page at one day old

pixie is an entry level car toppable beach cat that has proved extremely popular with hundreds now sold

pixie is co

pixie is ready for topless

pixie is the world's first virtual statuette that is awarded annually to the winners of the directors board awards for excellence in online motion picture

pixie is a colour spy plus a mouse tracker

pixie is slowly maturing into something a little more pleasant to work with

pixie is a very popular amateur radio transceiver kit

pixie is a delightful puppy who showed up in our garage one may morning

pixie is only two months older than me

pixie is going to be like

pixie is 30 and a single mother

pixie is an oodb framework for perl

pixie is not a commercial variety in california and has performed poorly in australian trials

pixie is a pixie figure printed on a piece of pasteboard and cut out and which is put up on walls or furniture as ornament at christmas



lol how did they know I was a 30 yr old single mother :D

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Here's for SOMALIREFUGEE..(Why is it all negative)


somali refugee is killed

somali refugee is murdered

somali refugee is bureau of citizenship and immigration services'

somali refugee is murdered in swindon

somali refugee is a relatively recent addition to the ethnic diversity of the united states

somali refugee is hardly easy

somali refugee is even executed

somali refugee is tallest on earth

somali refugee is complicit in the september 11 attacks

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Googlism for: hafsa


hafsa is an example of this

hafsa is a true believer

hafsa is er lekker mee

hafsa is reported to have "surprised" her husband with maria

hafsa is swearing by allah that she argues with the prophet

hafsa is a ruined loser

hafsa is a member of

hafsa is all excited about participating in the expedition sponsored by the dubai

hafsa is widowed

hafsa is ruined and lost

hafsa is all right

hafsa is not telling a lie about allah's apostle

hafsa is the daughter of her father



xamar is bad

xamar is xooday amase

xamar is leh

xamar is xoodaan amase

xamar is where everything is

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nasima is only 14 years old and has hopes of marrying her boyfriend if = and when she gets out of prison

Acuuuuuuudu mesha miyaa la isku habarayaaaa :confused:

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Can anybody plzz translate this :confused:


Googlism for: hibo


hibo is from shiikh

hibo is a chicken

hibo is a good writer

hibo is eerder af te raden

hibo is wel erkend en geaccrediteerd

hibo is zelf verantwoordelijk voor zijn eigen

hibo is uitgesteld tot november of december

hibo is ingeschreven diegene die het dossier voor

hibo is geen bediende

hibo is alles vastgelopen omdat men op sociale zaken principieel verdedigt dat er maar 2 statuten mogelijk zijn ofwel

hibo is ten zeerste te relativeren

hibo is afgestudeerd en dus arts

hibo is geen zelfstandige

hibo is a potent ampa l

hibo is ertoe gehouden

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lol@Ameenah, damn girl, talk about somalis reducing their age, but u take the buskud,,,,


I entered my real name and this is what came out!


is guru perguruan pencak silat sinlamba cilandak

is your host

is well alive & well

is an expert in lambak kidul style and spiritual teacher of sin lam ba

is a victim of a high level conspiracy when anwar .......was first arrested on 20 september

is a political prisoner

is back on bari for a playful "genadendal"

is in prison again

is located 1 block on the right behind jiffy lube and before taco bell

is an oxymoron

is an eleven - and i thought i was a 10 :D

is behind bars - what with the prison talk :mad:

is a person of great integrity - thats more like it :cool:

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