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Modified women are proven bad

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One of the surprised things I encountered this century is that women mostly like to be over-white then the westerners. This is the result for what we see, today, women are brightened well. In my opinion, this is why narrow-minded men would never appreciate the menace behind this and most likely they will get confusion about acceptability of this brightness of the skin of modern women.


Research has shown that almost all women like to be white. “ Pseudo psychology activity is perceived to exist in women world.†Pro. Andrew Halescan believes. “ Most women of this generation have wrongly believed that men are after white ladies and will never look at black-skinned once any more. As a result they modified their natural skin so as to be talked to them at the minimumâ€.


Worst still, women are always warned about the danger of some medicated elements they use. Doctors are believed to advice their patients against the usage of specific creams, which they allegedly suspected to be the problem. But women ignored this reluctantly and, at the same time, they overuse it. Although they are not aware of the side effects that will occur in the long run, they are not ready to give an ear to the calls they are getting lately from doctors worldwide.


The most threat is reported to be creams, which they use to lighten and soften their skins. For example, Darmovate – a medicated cream – is understood to be the worst supplementary creams of that kind.


They use other creams that can lead to bad conditions. They use many as Mediven, Termodin, and Sei-Mediven, which is cheaper then Darmovate. Besides, they serve as Darmovate although it is better to start from Mediven first.



Hospital, for instance, advise that in case of surgery, this would be very dangerous. The immunity would die rapidly as they apply the medicine to their skin. Then, if any emergency surgery is performed, the skin would not be put together as usual. In other words, the much they use it, the more sensitive of their skin will be.


This research has shown that 70 % of the modern women use this medicated elements as a back up for their beautiful and attractive appearance. This is to say that only three in hundred do not use such elements.


Most of the users of this horrific cream are Africans whose skin was black-born. And the purpose of this usage “ pretending of westerns†Dr Halescan argues.

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