Ilhan Omar’s words sting at home, threatening to strain ties of Jewish and Somali Minnesotans

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This Somali woman is lioness. Rather than bow down in the holes of congress she is punching  people in the face to make the congress comfortable for the next generation of Muslims and Somalis.

While addressing a Muslim rights group in New York she said that She walked to the office of a congressman  while his door was open. She said, " I entered his office without knocking  the door and asked him to add my name on the bill he was authoring". 

He said, " You know what , there is something about about you, you walk these holes of the congress like a white man". She answered that if walking with confidence makes me a white man, then I am one.


When she first entered congress, they were all whispering about her faith, background and Hijaab. Some even suggested that she might not be loyal American. Today, she is defending American ideals and asking others to be American like her by upholding the constitution.

This Tiny Somali lady with the heart of lion might single handedly change the foreign policy of the United State in the middle east.The so called media and  the Israeli lobby had been already attacking before she said any words saying that she married her brother and other libelous words. Since she is the most famous and courageous congresswoman, she could push the Somali issues without fear. She might demand the foreign powers to leave Somalia or face sanctions.

I know many of you Somali middle class people and the professional class do not want to be inconvenienced. You want to stay on your comfort zone designed for you by the  mainstream media . I do not blame you guys, that is what you have been trained for which is  follow and stay with these parameters. My friends politics is not a linear line or settled science.

No one had talked like Ilhan for the last 70 years. My God she made us proud as people who are willing to say the truth. She is asking others to prove their American Hood and stop serving a foreign nation that is responsible for many wars in the middle east. American policy makers and commentators from every walks of life are talking about her. 

If she even retires today, Ilhan will go to the history books. 

By the way, this fool called Cumar Jamal is probably been prepared to challenge Ilhan Omar for the next democratic primary in the summer of 2020. Fortunately, we know who he is. He will be a hired gun of the Israeli lobby to undermine her and we must speak up and tell everyone what stooge he is. We must defeat him and send strong messages to the carpet beggars like him.

I see here the same mentality of the Somali leaders in Mogadishu who want to do the minimum possible through the entrenched special interest groups and the nations milking Somalia without standing up . 

Haddii ay Ugaandhadu baxdo Al-Shabaab ayaa na qabsan. 

Imagine Ilhan type president who want to take matters in Somali way. Folks that is the difference. You either win or go home.

We are proud of her. Gobsanaa Hablaheenu.

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On 3/11/2019 at 10:14 PM, Duufaan said:

That is fake propaganda and you my friend have fallen for it.

The Jewish are actually the ones defending her. The more the issue is raised the more Americans and especially the Trump voters are siding with her. That is what is happening on the ground and that is why everybody wants to stop the whole issue.

The propaganda that you fell for was tried by FOX and look what happened to them.

Most times in history the most underestimated have come through. I like galbeedis saying here "better live a day like a lion, rather than long time chickened out, submissive, slave..etc"


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