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Its for a fact that anyone who believes in or reads daily or even reads it once their astrological signs or any other form of faith associated stuff like reading your hand, tea cups ect, their prayers are not accepted for 40 days. Its haram to read your astrology, i use to say oh its for fun, but if u look analytically once you read your sign for the day, week or month you quiclky look back at whatever happen to you to see if there was any match to it..wouldnt that be believing that your faith is designed by another other then Allah.

I wasnt aware of this until a freind send,on email a khutba about it.

I will try to find.

Peace smile.gif

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Princess Sexy, Athena & CutelilGIRL..Rock on my sisters(together the November ants we will conquer the Gemeni maroodis :D:D )

Jawahiir..ur right gurl..I’ve stopped reading anything that claims to “predict the future”...i find it to be very ridiculous now wallahi..no1 can tamper with Allah’s will..what’s pre-ordained will matter what measures we take to “try” and prevent it

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