Somaliland region in $80 million debt

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11 hours ago, galbeedi said:

Brother Carafaat,

Bayle told us many many times that due shortage of revenue due to Covid extraordinary measures were taken and the IMF debt was entered to the treasury with knowledge of the government and the financial committee.

In the case of Somaliland, they discovered the debt after 11 months and nothing is done. Furthermore, Somalia owes the money which doesn't even mature for decades but the $80 million is owned to businessmen who gave the money probably to Kulmiye for the campaign while the IMF money was used for public service and army salary salary.

That is a straw mans argument. Do you know in Somaliland the president takes 5 to 10% of the budget for the palace which is bigger than the combined budget of four or five miniseries. Tell me one single calendar year where the budget was rejected or debated by the Somaliland parliament?. The last time a budget item was rejected or debated was during the Rayaale administration.

The southern guys might be corrupt, but at least they are debating trying to improve the system, in fact, after 30 years of Somaliland Maamul they much closer than Somaliland which have almost no judiciary or institutions.





Bayle can talk all he wants, but it’s the numbers and financial reporting that counts and that he is accounted to. And The financial report wasn’t even shared with the Parliament over the last 4 years. 

And you still haven’t answered my question? 

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12 hours ago, Tallaabo said:

Waar Carafaat axmaqsanidaa, maxaad ninka sidaa ugu gashay? 

The reason why I questioned Galbeedi specifically, he is defending one while condemning the other for corruption and embezzlement. While the issue is the same and one might even suspect the same book keeping trick has been copied from one another. And both times the loans were only discovered during handover.


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