Abiy Ahmed has the overwhelming support of the Ethiopian people. Tales of my trip in the region.

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You right . We do not need to discuss Somali tribe numbers even though there was a census taken by the federal government.

The contentious  issue will be the Degmo-Degmo thing you mentioned. Most Somalis will not accept the so called Degmo Cabdi Illey and others had formed. We know that an empty village resided by Cabdi Illey aunt was named district while towns with tens of thousands are called " Qabale" or zones.

While I was in Jigjiga that issue was been debated and had not been resolved.

My friend , why not let those who have the largest vote counts win the election farly and squarely. Also, I hope our OG friends should realize that losing power isn't the end of the world. It seems they can't live or survive without the power.



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On 1/7/2019 at 5:06 AM, cadnaan1 said:


At least you could have spared 24 hours of your time to visit kooxda #Nabadiyonolol there's daily flight from Addis to xamar 

I m sure inaad warbixin fiican Naga soon laheed kooxdaas.

I second to this. Galbeedi tikid uu iska qasaariyey intuu Kambaala, Adisababa iyo Dubeey ku wareegaaye and not give a visit to Xamar, xaruntii dadka Soomaaliyeed. Dhowr jeer aan hore ugu dhahay Xamar indhahaaga ku soo arag, adigaa aragtidaada badali doonee, since he hadn't been to it for decades.

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The Dir has huge settlements even within  OG district. I do not think it is even fair to compare the huge D.r with one sub clan if the D block. The D.r are stretched from Mooyaale to Liiban and Webi Ganaane all the way to Diredhabe.

From Jigjiga to Wajaale and all the way to the Afar  and Djibouti border. Even Dhagaxbuur is mixed with others. 

The Oromo who live inside Somali Kilil will have to vote regardless of whom they support. 

The best solution will be proportional representation. The number of votes you get will correspond how many seats you get. Or the president will be elected by the people directly.

There will not be a free lunch anymore.


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Abiy may want to abolish autonomy of regions for now until he consolidates to keep his support of Amhara Gurage, but he cannot do it since the first support he will lose will be Oromo.

The greatest loss for the Somali in this would be lose of autonomy. You may lose some group benefits from Addis Ababa, but only autonomy will keep you with your culture, language, self government from generation to generation.

There is no problem competing clans, parties groups as long as none of them is too attached to outsiders.

Ethnic wise the competition is mainly still between the Amxaro and Tigray. Oromo is still Amxarized, Federalist/autonomy Tigray and Separatist. All three are still significant there is no clear winner yet. Jawar belongs to Federalists. Abiy is still hesitant and things are in flux especially on the ground.

Never forget Eritrea is also another version Tigray, Christian and Tigrinya. Can never have trusting and confidence with Amxara. Temporary alliance is what they have since the Ethiopia Tigray was totally dominating everything.

Everyone making noise against Tigray Ethiopia, but has already started to fructure the minute Tigray is awfully quiet.

Djibouti and Ethiopia Tigray will out wait since they both know internationally or regionally everything is against them.


For Somali there is only one choice:

Protect the autonomy as much as possible

Develop the roads infrastructure in direction of Somaliland and Puntland

Prevent Oromo/Amxara from taking Dirdhaba completely

Give more autonomy to regions in some cases sub clans within Kililka so everybody is not fighting for Jigjiga and Addis Ababa



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