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First Law Faculty opened in Puntland

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On 11 October 2008, the first students for the new faculty of law commenced their term at Puntland State University, Garowe. Fifty students have enrolled for the first year and 34% of the students are women.


Currently, less than 20% of those that work in the courts or the legal profession have any formal legal education in Puntland. The opening of the first law faculty will provide a new generation of qualified legal professionals, which is a great step towards to creating a fair, transparent and accountable justice system for the people of Puntland.


The students have started a four year undergraduate programme in secular and sharia law. The current law faculty staff is comprised of a Dean of the faculty, three law lecturers and a faculty assistant. A scholarship programme funded by UNDP has been implemented to promote the attendance of women and minority students to enable them to have an opportunity to study and enter the legal profession. This aspect of the project is particularly important as there are no women working in the legal profession in Puntland.


The opening of the law faculty has been a long process which the judiciary project started in 2007 with an assessment to identify a suitable university to partner with. UNDP has entered into a detailed agreement with Puntland State University to open the law faculty and has provided the technical expertise to assist in the recruitment and training of the first law faculty staff and preparation of the legal curriculum, as well as the provision of equipment, books and legal resources. UNDP is also funding the building of the permanent law faculty office buildings and dormitories for the students in order to ensure that students from across Puntland can study in Garowe. An official opening of of the law faculty buildings is planned with donors and government officials for early 2009.



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