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On 1/4/2019 at 9:36 PM, Peace Action said:

It will have been  better for Somaliland to keep quiet, now they look bad siding with foreigner UN civil servant against their own Somali people

Not a word of what you say is true. But that is usually the case with you. In particularly in the sense of you not knowing at what precise moment to remain silent, given that it would have been a better bet for you instead of waffling your usual nonsense at us. As the case is now in here, mate.

See if you could wrack your brain and then figure it out as to why I hold such a view?

It's not difficult to get a grasp of it, really. For it start with the notion of you knowing that there is no such thing call a "Somali people" who in turn have "uniformly one interest", or have one "collective and common approach" on any subject under the sun.

Which means, what they believe to be their interests in places like Djibouti could be anathema to what they may believe to be their interests in places like Mogadishu or Jigjiga or even in Hargeisa.

Furthermore, it goes on from there, whilst encompassing, the notion that says the UN and its teeming civil servants are actually some of the finest folks who have shown to care a great deal for the welfare of the Somali people. Or at least they have cared enough about the welfare of places like South-West's region than the manner the very leaders of Somalia in Villa Somalia have been shown to cared for these "wretched of the earth" in Somalia's South-West's region. 

So again, leave your tiresome nonsense to one side for once, and just see, at least for a moment, if you could think things through and therefore see why others came to the "conclusion" they have come to in so far as this issue is concern.

On 1/4/2019 at 9:49 PM, cadnaan1 said:

Gaalada reer galbeedka waxay aduunka ugu necebyihiin dabadhilif bilaa mabda'a ah markaa nimanka weli ma fahamsano arintaas sidee gaalada dabada uga dhaqayeen the last 27 years and still nothing to show

The irony of a Bantu-colonized looter talking about other people being "dabadhilif" is such a rich reams of layered spectacles that one could spends his days in writing books about it.

But I do seems to doubt whether a looter who couldn't hack in life in Bristol of UK on anything meaningful, given that there was no "looting business" to be had there, which is the reasons he legged back to his Deynille's looting village, could ever understand the very essence of "Irony" in the first place.

So I wont try to tire his feeble mind with any treaties pertaining "irony" and what it's made of it.

Moreover the "touching delusion" of seeing a mere looter who ought to know better, or at least who ought to know the fact of his political clique in Villa Somalia are actually "dependent" on the "charity" and on the "mercy" of the support given to them from the long line of UN's colonial Viceroys talking with straight face about how others such as us folks in Somaliland, are the sort of folks who do the "washing-up-of-the-back-side" of some passing foreigners, take the price of being the "biggest hallucination" from any run-down lunatic asylum in which one could think of, quite handily.

Perhaps, our looter-in-residence, may have actually escaped from one such low-run lunatic asylum, particularly when he was with us in here in UK, and in Bristol, to be specific.Given that he seems to be spouting such a price-less delusion in here, rather lamentably. 

Well, I suppose, in this topsy-turvy world that is SOL, all sort of creatures and cretins are running around, like so much of a headless chicken, whereby one could actually amuse oneself with their daily ranting and with their spleen.

Hence, all I can say to them is to say "keep-it-up" chaps. You sure as hell seems to be brightening my days around here, particularly with your usual endless guff talk.   

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Oodweyne stop digging. Of course we are all Somalis. In this particular case, the secessionist enclave looks foolish even to their own people by siding with the UN official.

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23 hours ago, Peace Action said:

Oodweyne stop digging. Of course we are all Somalis. In this particular case, the secessionist enclave looks foolish even to their own people by siding with the UN official.

Still waffling nonsense I see. Perhaps you haven't noticed it but the notion of "we are all Somalis" and  "Kumbaya of that sort" doesn't cut it anymore.

Haven't you being paying attention to the last 50 or 40 or even 30 years of the Somali history? Or perhaps grandly, haven't you being paying attention to the modern Somali history since any time from 1960 onward?

Do you see anything resembling the notion of "we are all Somalis" sort of reality that was informing the political decision of any given day from that day onward?

Or do you see specific (mostly clannish) agenda doing the political decision of the day, whilst at the same time, those who were doing that agenda and advancing it were doing nothing but spot of "wrapping" their agenda up with the national flag?   

Or even better do you see the decision of some UN's pen-pusher in Mogadishu asking why these innocents Somalis were killed in Bay region as Anti-Somalis agenda?

Whilst on the other hand, do you, by any chance, see the very folks who were asked to answer such questions, who in turn resort to the act of getting rid off the "persistent fellow" who was merely asking those questions as the "fine folks" who in turn were representing "we are all Somalis" sentiment?

And is it your "contention", that, those folks, who chase-away the only man who was asking questions of why these civilians were killed in that wantonly way as "proud Somalis", who in turn were putting the very idea of "we are all Somalis" in the most honorable way possible in which such thing can take shape or the form of it? 

Man. you really are deluded.  

Which means, to put it in a more charitable way, apparently, you seems to be clueless of anything larger than kiddies stuff.

This is the reason you actually think others are digging themselves in for all sort of holes. When in fact all they are doing is to be having a laugh at the sight of cretin like you, who actually thinks the issue of the UN and what they are doing in Somalia and what-have-you, are matters that gets to be discuss with the broad-brush that says: "we are all Somalis" sort of frame-work. As if that sentiment of "we are all Somalis" has any larger "illuminating potency" towards any issue which could be at hand.

Mate, really? Is that best you can do in here? Well, all I can say to you is to tell you, try harder, my friend.

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1 hour ago, Mourad1 said:

t is confirmed. Haysom is out. What have the secessionist’ leaders gained from openly siding with Haysom?

Still withering on with tiresome gibberish, and still lamentably, being clueless to boot, I see?

First of all, for we were never about him or for him (for the umpteen time let me repeat that). What we were getting at was about matters in which we were addressing to "the-powers-that-be", who in turn appoints this sort of fellow and all of the subsequent fellows of this sort, who in turn will follow, Mr Haysom, into his political post. And that massage was delivered, really.

See if you could decipher it. Or perhaps you can take it as "another assignment" to work on it rather feverishly. Although, I must say, that, you still are failing around, miserably, with the "first assignment" in which our Suldaanka, set it for you the other day. So I shan't put too much of a hope of you getting the crack of this one as well.

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Qaacidada koowaad oo dadka aqoonta leh lagu yaqaano waa xanaaq la'aanta.

Ciyaarta feerka ama feedhku waa la mid, midkii xanaaqa waxaa ka luma tarkiiska ama degenaanta maskaxda waxaa la bata xargaha meesha ku oodan.

Awoowe oodweyne ninka tagay ingiriisbuu ahaa mid kalaa imaanaya oo hawshii halkii kasii wadaya.

Waraaqihiina gadaal uga dara sidii caadada ahayd u qaybsanaha somalia iyo somaliland, waa isla meeshii kii yimaadaba waa adeerkeen anagoo isku duuban.

Su'aasha uu waydiiyay dfs sababta dad u dhintay roobowna loo xiray waa su'aal uu, u waydiin karay, xaqna u leeyahay, laakiin ma ahayn inuu xafiisyada hoose ka bilaabo.

Dadka dhintay iyo xarigga roobow waxaa laga rabaa inay dfs uga jawaabto shacabkeeda sababta ay ku dhacday

Dadka dhintay ma hubaysnaayeen?mise waa mudaaharaad ay ku cabirayeen taageradooda?

Roobow maxaa ku qarsoon? oo ay ku haystaan? wixii ku qarsoon maxkamadu hanoo sheegto.

waxaasoo dhan waa arimaha gudaha soomaalida ayagaa laga rabaa inay is waydiiyaan.

Balse ma qurux badna in nin shisheeya ah iska kaa riixo oo reerkaaga ha iska maamusho adoo meesha taagan, waana sida ka muuqata aragtida snm, carabtuna ninkaas oo kale waxay u taqaan dayuus.

Tijaabooyinka aduunku kuugu talo galay way badan yihiin waa layska fiiriyaa waxaan kugu haboonayn, wayna kuugu garaabi waxaysan ayaguba qaateen, xataa hadaysan afka ka sheegin.

Dhakhaatiirta waxaa u sahlan inay daweeyaan qof hadli kara qof kooma ku jira hawl badan yuu ku kalifayaa. 

Dfs ee hadda jirta way hadli kartaa la mid ma'ahan sidii kuwii ka horeeyay oo kale, sharaf soo celintu waa dagaal ka xoog badan kan xabaddu laga dhaxlo.

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Marka hadal-tiriska aad miciinsaneyso laga yimaado, nuxurka yar ee halkan ku jira ee laga dhex heli karo waxa aad qortey, waa in aad runta oo laguu sheego aad u aragto xanaaq.

Waana caadadaa oo aqliga-foorara ee rabaaniga ah ee kugu jira iyo aqoon la'aanta madaniga ee ku haysata ayaa taas keenaya oo layaab ilama aha. 

Ta-labaad, ninka aad la feedhtandaa waa ninkaad xinniinyo ku ogtahay iyo raganimo aad is leedahay kukala cad qaata, hadh-cad. Laakiin nin aad aragto in uu dhufaanan yahay oo loo taliyo, xagayaga iyo Somaliland, ka maadsasho iyo ku wiirsasho mooyee, nin rag ah oo kale waxba isagama tiriyo hacoogaas oo kale.

Markaas, saaxib, in aad is amaantaa waa daciifnimo, xagayaga. Oo waliba ku darosoo, adoo ah nin xinniinyaha ka qaawan in aad wax kale isku tilmaamtaa waa aqliga kugu jira inta uu nuxur le'egyahay wax markhaatiga ku furaya. Iyo Mid cadeyneysa halka aad liidka u tahay iyo sida aanadba u ogeyn.

Gaba-gabadii, intanyar ee afareyda ah baan kugu hogo-tusaaleyn, inkasta oo aan hubo in aad gees mari doonto sidii Qamaan Bulxan lagu sheegay. Ee bal iskuday in aad inyarba hanoqotee oo "taxliil maskaxeed" kuu noqota, aad kala soo dhex baxdo.

".......Naxli-hadal, Nacnac iyo Nabiibnimo, waa intaad Nadal ku tahaye,

Nolol-Gumeysi iyo Nusqaanteed waa intaad Nasab-dhiman ku tahaye,

Nin-Shisheeye ah oo Naruur Kuu Noqdaa, waa intaad Nasiib-daran ku tahaye,

Nabar Lagugu Dhuftoo oo aad Nuur ka Dhigataa, waa waxaad Naadir ku tahaye,

Nooc Nasaskhan iyo Najis Nashleeyaa ah, waa waxaad Naasir ku Tahaye......." 

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Isqornimada that is based on calaacal iyo beseeching to shisheeye is still on. What do they think Qaramada Midoobay is? A corporation like Starbucks that can open any franchise where they deem it and wish. Soomaaliya waa dal madaxbannaan, a member of Qaramada Midoobay itself as well.


Somaliland oo warqad ay ku qoran tahay dalab culus u dirtay QM kadib Haysom

Maamulka Somaliland ayaa horey uga soo horjeestay ceyrintii dowladda Soomaaliya ay ku sameysay wakiilkii xoghayaha Qaramada Midoobay ee Somalia Nicholas Haysom.

Todobaad kadib Somaliland ayaa sheegtay inay warqad codsi ah u dirtay Qaramada Midoobay, taasi oo ah in wakiil gaar ah loo Soo magacaabo deegaanada maamulka Somaliland.

Tan iyo sanadkii 1991 Somaliland ayaa ku dhawaaqday inay ka go’een Soomaaliya inteeda kale, waxaana ay shaaciyeen inay yihiin dal madaxbanaan, walow aysan helin aqoonsiga caalamka.

Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Somaliland Yaasiin Xaaji Maxamuud ayaa sheegay inay codsi u direen Qaramada Midoobay kaasi oo ah in loosoo magacaabo wakiil u gaar ah deegaanada Somaliland.

Qoraalka ayaa sidoo kale lagu cadeeyay sida ay kaga xun yihiin go’aankii dowladda Soomaaliya ay ka qaadatay Nicholas Haysom, taasi oo shaki badan dhalisay, maadaama ay sheegan jireen inay yihiin dal ka go’ay Soomaaliya.

Dadka taxliiliya siyaasadda Soomaaliya ayaa sheegaya inay adag tahay in Qaramada Midoobay ay wakiil u magacowdo Somaliland, iyadoo aysan helin aqoonsi caalami ah.


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