Col. Caare's Deputy - Chap by the name of Col. Gamal Baxad - is already heading Home to Somaliland with His rebel's soldiers.

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Ciidamo kale oo ka soo goostay jabhada Caare

Here is news that will disheartens some of our "Sheegato" folks in here of SOL. In particularly it's a news that will dispirit those who thinks, that, Villa Somalia's paid shillings or its cheap dollars will end Somaliland's rule in her eastern region. When in fact all the guns in the world in which the then Soviets Union (USSR) and Uncle Sam (US), have respectively given to Gen. Barre could not have stopped the then SNM taking a fight to its enemies just clear them off from their country.

And remember even the then SNM in turn was much weaker military outfit than the present-day Somaliland. So from there you could actually get a total picture of how deep the crippling delusion in which some folks are belaboring under it, really is in here.

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