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In memory and prayers for Sacdiya Sahal and her daughter

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Sacdiya Axmed Sahal, a sister, a mother and a nursing student, and along with her daughter, Hana, is still missing and possibly trapped under that murky waters of Mississippi River after that doomed bridge collapsed in Minneapolis last week. Still no word of her and her two-year-old daughter several days after the bridge collapsed.


Her family and the two young victims themselves need our prayers. Please, pray for them.


Eebba ha u gargaaro walaasheen, hana ku nabad yeelo meeshee joogtaba -- aamiin.

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Body of Somali girl recovered from I-35W bridge site


Pioneer Press


Article Last Updated: 08/09/2007 08:17:17 PM CDT



The second of the two bodies pulled today from the wreckage of the Interstate 35W today has been identified as the infant Hana Sahal, the daughter of a Somali woman still missing.


Earlier in the day the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office identified Peter Hausmann as one of the two bodies this afternoon.


While the medical examiner's office said it wouldn't release the name of the other person found today until the family was notified, officials with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center confirmed that the victim was Hana Sahal. Her mother, 23-year-old Sadiya Sahal remains missing.


"Somali Justice Advocacy Center expresses thanks to the Sheriff and Police for the recovery of the body Hana Salah today. The mother Sadiya Sahal is still missing so far," said the center's director Omar Jamal said.


Sadiya Sahal is a nursing student and was five months pregnant. She moved from Somalia to the United States in 2000 and graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis.


The nursing student was driving her young daughter, Hana, in a white Toyota Highlander on the evening of Aug. 1, a family member has said. She called home about a half-hour before the bridge collapsed to say that the traffic was bad, but that she'd be home soon.



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Inaa Nilaahi wa Inaa Ilaahi Raajicuun, everyone will die and return back to Allah Most Great. Our beauitful sister is a shaheed, May Allah give her the highest of jannah, and make it easy for her family in this difficult time. Amiin.

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