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2 Somali Youths Killed In Toronto

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Very sad indeed that 2 young men lost their lives in a senseless shooting, but then again, it seems to be the pattern in Toronto these last few weeks, which shocked many of us because it wasn't a city known for its violence. Most of the violence were gang related, and this one wasn't, but related or not, it doesn't excuse or justify taking someone's life.


I knew one of them (loyan),... and I can honestly say he was a respectful, nice and funny young man who didn't deserve for his life to be cut short. Although i didnt know his friend Ali who died alongside him, I've read in the paper that he too was a great guy who, like Loyan, was the only son in his family. Both attended a friends'wedding on saturday night and Ali, i believe was visiting from Vancouver, scheduled to return the day after his murder.


May Allah grant them Jannah and may their families and friends find the strength to deal with this tragedy.

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Ilaaheey ha u naxariisto eheladii iyo qaraabadii eey ka tageena samir iyo iimaan allaha ka siiyo.


sababta loo dilay wiilashaas yar yar sida warka igu soo gaaray waa naceeyb loo qabo soomaalidda oo ka imaanaaya xagga kuwo aan sidaa u caqli badneeyn oo midab iyo jinsi nala wadaaga.


soomaalidda waxaa ku dhacay nasiib daro- dhaqankeenii fiicnaa ee islaamka ahaa ka tagnay kuwii aan koodana ku daysaneeynayna hadeey kor cadaan ah iyo kor madoow leeyihiinba waa na neceb yihiin oo ma na arki karaan. wiilka wax xasuuqay waxuu ka yimid carribean-ka waxuuna sida la sheegay raadsanayay soomaali hadda ka hor wax ka bi'isay. hadda ka hor ayaa saaxiibkeey sidaas oo kale loo dilay isagoo qabaar daar ah.


Looyaan -ilaaheey ha u naxariisto ma aheeyn dhalinyaradda aaddo club-yadda saaxiibadiis oo vancouver iyo virginia uga yimid aroos dartiis ayuu rabay inuu waqti fiican siiyo soona tuso magaaladda - nasiib daro dab munaafaq shiday muumin aa ku gubto aa qabsatay.


calaa kuli xaal - naf kasta waa dhiman oo geeridu waa xaq - ma dhinte waa ilaah- samir iyo iimaan ilaah ha inaga siiyo labadaas wiil ee dhalnyaradda ah, danbigooda iyo keenana allaha dhaafo, janadii fardoosa iyo naxariistee eebe allaha ha ka waraabsho- aamiin.



Casharka laga qaadan karo meeshaan waa dadkaaga, dhaqankaaga iyo diintaada ku ekoow. Amar ilaaheeyna lama celi karo -

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Generosity 'legendary'





Mohamed Gilao, father of murder victim Loyan, is embraced and comforted by a family friend yesterday. (Stan Behal, SUN)


THEY CALLED him Banks. Kids in the neighbourhood coined the nickname because every time they saw their mentor Loyan Ahmed Gilao, 23, he'd reach in his pocket and find some change to spare.


"He used to call me 'Coach,'" said Liban Mohamed, 12, at the family's west-end home. "He used to cut my hair and take me to Raptors games ... He was legendary around here."


Gilao and his friend Ali Mohamed Ali, 19, were gunned down early yesterday morning in the Wellesley and Sherbourne Sts. area, after spending the night at the Phoenix nightclub.


Friends hauled a bleeding Gilao into their car and flagged down the nearest police, who called for help.


Ali was visiting from Vancouver to stand as a best man with Gilao at a friend's wedding and was scheduled to fly home today.




A third friend from Virginia was shot and is recovering at Sunnybrook hospital.


Gilao wasn't a regular club-goer, friends said, but wanted to give his out-of-town friends a night on the town.


At 4:45 a.m., Gilao's mother and father Mohamed drove to St. Michael's Hospital where they learned their only son had been shot in the neck and back.


Gilao died in hospital.


About 400 friends and family from the Somalian community streamed into the Gilao apartment all day yesterday to grieve and support the shattered family.


"He was the first born of my family," Mohamed said. "It was a great loss for our family but also for the community because he was such a role model."


Though he spoke in a calm and steady voice, red-rimmed eyes belied his courage. It wasn't until he looked at pictures of his dead son that the enormity of the loss shook him, and he fought the urge to throw up.


In an ironic twist of fate, Gilao's dream was to pursue a career in criminology and forensics, Mohamed said, though he was enrolled in information technology at York University.


"He had the biggest heart," said sister Meimuna, 20. "Everybody loved him ... He would light up the whole room when he walked in and had hugs and kisses all the time ... he was my best friend."






An 'unbelievable' loss

Families try to cope with gun slayings of two young men

Summer weekend began with a wedding and ended in death








Mohamed Gilao, a prominent figure in Toronto’s Somali community and a peacemaker in his native country, grieves for his son outside his Etobicoke home yesterday.


More than 1,000 people are expected at an Etobicoke mosque this morning to mourn the deaths of two young men killed early Monday and to pray for Toronto's gun violence to end.


Loyan Ahmed Gilao, 23, and Ali Mohamud Ali, 19, will be honoured in a 9 a.m. service at the Khalid Bin Al Waliid mosque on Bethridge Rd. near Kipling Ave.


Last night, throngs of people visited, telephoned and emailed the two friends' families in Etobicoke and Richmond Hill.


Mohamed Gilao, a prominent member of the Somali community in Toronto, described his son's death as "unbelievable" and the outpouring of condolences as "overwhelming."


"Every week, we had set aside one day to communicate as father and son, but lately Loyan has been busy; we didn't have that opportunity in the seven days before he died. That's the sad part," he said, weeping.


"My wife (Ayan Osman) is very strong for me and we are leaning on each other."


Gilao, a third-year York University commerce student, and Ali were celebrating with a group of friends Sunday, the day after serving in the wedding party at a friend's marriage.


The two were gunned down after a night out at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on Sherbourne St. They were with a group of six to seven men, standing at the corner of Homewood Ave. and Maitland Place after leaving the nightclub.


A man walked toward them on Homewood and, without any words, pulled out a handgun and fired several times toward the group, police said.


Ali died from a gunshot wound to the head and Gilao died from a gunshot wound to the chest, an autopsy showed yesterday.


Gilao had been planning to announce his engagement to his girlfriend Zainab Ali in the coming months.


The elder Gilao, who has travelled several times on peace missions to his homeland, is a respected figure in both the Somali community and across Greater Toronto.


He was praised as a major "touchstone" in a community that transcends culture, religion and politics. Friends said the elder Gilao was given the Queen's Golden Jubilee Award two years ago and honoured with a YMCA Peace Medallion for helping people in his adopted community and homeland.


The couple, who immigrated to Canada from Somalia in 1990, have four daughters, 8 to 20.


In Richmond Hill, Ali's grieving family received relatives and friends at their house. Ali's uncle, Ahmed Jama, said that since Monday as many as 500 people had come to pay their respects.


About two dozen mourners stood outside the home last night, talking in small groups and keeping a quiet watch on Ali's father, mother and three sisters. Visitors pulled up in a steady stream of cars. Neighbours came on foot.


Ali's father, Mahamud Jama, said his son moved to Vancouver eight months ago to chase his dreams. He said Ali dreamed big, with all the energy and optimism of a 19-year-old man who had just begun to make his way in the world.


"He had a lot of ambitions," Jama said. "He was planning to open a business, his own trucking company. He would say, `Dad, this is what I'm planning. I know I need to work hard.'"


Jama said Ali came back two weeks ago for the wedding.


He made a full vacation out of his Toronto visit, arriving just in time for Caribana two weekends ago, spending time with his family and attending the wedding on Friday. Jama said Ali's holiday was almost over when he was killed. "He had a rental car due Monday."


Jama said his son wasn't involved in any gang or criminal activity. "My kid has never been with any gang," he said. "He was not violent. He had no record with the police."


The gun violence in Toronto has cost Jama his only son, and he's furious about it.


"Get rid of the thugs who are killing innocents," he said. "We are grieving now. Every day another family is grieving. The city has to clear this sort of thing up. We have to get rid of these guns."


Ali was born 19 years ago in Hargeisa, Somalia. His family came to Canada when he was 2.


Police are seeking a man in his 20s, 5-foot-10 to 6 feet and 150 to 160 pounds, with black braids and a goatee. He was wearing jeans, a black T-shirt and a blue do-rag.

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Originally posted by x_quizit:

God have mercy on those boys

Teach em how we OG's use to do it before we forgot how to handle 9's. Its rediculuos a nation of 7 million without the backround we have putting such pain to us. Its hard to tell when your life is about to be over but u younger somalis have no sense of retaliation the way we have and i hope yall handle your business in tdot cause thats unaceptable where im from.

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Ina Lilaah Wa Ina Ilahi Rajicuun.....


May ALLAh Bless Their Soulz


Walaahi I wish U all Knew LOyan...Oh My ...I can't even Describe what can Brotha he was....Such a BeautifuLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Hearttt he alwayz had...May Allah Bless his soul and Ali's. Personatly, he was one the Most humble, down2earth brotha u could eva'meet....u don't come across some1 like dat alot...who's just so loved'by EVERYONE that eva knew him...A Beautifull Heart he had...He was a MEntor 2 so many Kidzzz, and great friend 2 every1 else that eva knew him. It still doesn't click the fact that i won't c him nomore'and catch up. We all gotta remember we are all going to leave this world sooner or later...May Allah Subxaana laah'watacalaa safe us from hell..Amiin



Please make a Duca'in ur prayer's 4 the Brotha's.....May Allah' Have Mercy On Their Soulz..Amiiin



Ina Lilaah Wa Ina Ilahi Ra'jicuun

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lets stop sponsoring cousins that are interested in education and the good life. What happened to all the men we knew that manned technicals. Lets sponsor thugs for once. Jamaicans and hatians or whatever carabian country are unable to match the aggressiveness we indure everday in our homeland. I dont know about u guys but my next sponsor is coming from yagoori where a brother can clean a 32caliber in 16seconds, load it and rearange your abdomen. This discussion ofcourse is strictly for men no women especially those from Europe alowed

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Goonle I find your humor tasteless at the moment. I don’t think it’s the time to talk about retaliation or sponsoring thugs for that matter. We have dead young brothers and people are sending du’aas and prayers. Either join in and pay your respects or zip it.

May Allah give strength to their families, and have mercy on their souls.




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The Somali communities in Toronto need to get together and fight against these kinds of acts. There are many questions that need to be answered. Why can’t Toronto police stop all these violent murders and shootouts? What needs to be done? What are the solutions?


Goonle Bringing ex-murders to Canada will not solve anything, it’ll just make our community look bad. Somalis aren’t known for violence and destruction in Canada, lets keep it that way.

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Somalis aren’t known for violence and destruction in Canada, lets keep it that way.

^^^ You gotta be kidding me. Talk about somalis in canada aren't known for violence and destruction. You have no idea what you are talking about Farm, no idea at all.


X, and Nova, sorry for your loss. Allah U naxariisto your friend and his friend.

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Originally posted by Jacaylbaro:

Tooo sad ,, but wat da hell were they doing in da nightclub at that time ,,,,, i didn't like that ,,,,,,,

This is a derogatory and hypocritical remark... :mad: :mad:

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Give me some examples, apart from DSC [Dixon Somali Crew], and you can’t call that intentional violence, because most of the time they were defending themselves.


Unless your talking about little fights or arguments at Somali jams – that does not constitute destruction of ones life. In other words Somalis are not known to be trigger happy murderers in Canada. If you still think otherwise, please give me examples. I know there have been one or two cases in the past and that’s not enuff to legitimatize your claims.

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