Mohamed Haji Egal was a alcohol drinker

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The man died, AUN, let it go Saalax. .  Like it or not, Egal was a profilic politician that was ready to engage in talks with other Somalis, sadly time was against him. He died before  the south became stabilised.  In 1991 he succsesfully pacified armed clan militias that operated in Somaliland. For all what he is, Somaliland could have become clan-infested reer hebel against reer hebel. 

You be the judge, Egal or the current leader that allways talks about the 1980-wars as something nostalgic.

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Saxiib oday hooyo caayay waa labo midkood inuu cabsanyahay iyo inuusanba nin ahayn, labadaas kee ku saxanahay?

Cigaal allaha u naxariisto markii uu dhintay jaalle siyaad yaa bbc'du waraysatay maadaama u ahaa nin wakhti adag lasoo qaatay

wuxuu ku jawaabay ilaahay uma naxariisto:D kolay jawaabtaas qof caadi ah kama imaan karin.



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".....Nin Caarkiis iyo Cayladiis, Col-kale Caga-jugleyn iyo Cidhiidhi ku Ciil Cunsiinayaan, Waa u Ceeb-Culan iyo Cimri-Casilan, Waxa uu Cid kale Carab-Caaqleynaya ah ula daba Ciyo....."

Intaas ayaa jawaab kuugu filan, yaa naxli-bukaan-socod, Ina-Faqash.


PS: I see some wretched low-born-cretin have been deleting my back-and-forth tussle I have been having around here of SOL with some of the "sheegato" ninny of whom we found some of them in here.

Could it be that some "gibberish-spouting-Gudhuu-boy", who puts some airs he was never equal to can't take the manly challenge of others, so he proceed to hides behind a bit of "officious label" (as a moderator of this joint) just to that he will be able to delete other folks stuff?

Poor lad. It seems that when he realized that is not manly enough to confront those who will be able to "skin-him-alive", verbally (even in their sleep) he basically decided to hide behind a "cheap act" that befits the silly conduct of a coquettishly-minded hussy. Which means he plays dirty along the lines of deleting some folks's responses.    

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