Two pictures. Two Leaders. Two Political Destinies. And Two Respective Realities.

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On 11/28/2018 at 12:00 AM, Che -Guevara said:

I believe you said in the past you worked with certain British elements in that small island you dwell and try to convince them about Somaliland project. I guess after years of talking ears off, you begin to believe the bs you feed them will work on us Somalis. 

 I think of no decent Las Anod resident share bs that's you trying to spew or accept Muse's presence.


Temper, temper, dear lad. For it's no use to get all hot under the collar for the fact that is staring in right in front of your eyes.

Moreover, you see the thing that I learned from the British is that they are very polite. But still in that "famous politeness" lies the trap for those who are "unsuspecting" about what lurks beneath that very polished surface of theirs.

Hence, one of the thing that you learn early on from their universities is that they have innate ability to see through any false arguments in which you may be minded to peddle to them. And the more you got hot under your shirt for being exposed (like the manner you are doing right now in here) the more polite their response to you will get, whilst at the same time, they will continue to keep-on "twisting" the knife into you with ever more deadlier turn of it.

So taking a leave from the pages of that "English school of verbally knifing" any hapless cretin (like you in here), whilst doing it with ever more polite tones, lets see whether we can give you more reason for you to keep-on feeling ever more hotter under your proverbial collar, shall we.

And in that sense, let me say, that if may be the case that no one you know of in-and-around Las-Anod will wish to be associated with President Bihi. But that as of itself proves no "empirical data" of any kind. Least of all, you haven't done any statistical number-crunching of those who you suspect that they will not be happy with President Bihi being there.

Consequently, what your assertion actually amount to is the same "rough idea" of a man saying he is going to win the lottery this week because he saw himself in a dream sitting in a sunny beach in Bahamas. And then reasoned backward from there and from that dream and say, that, since my meager salary doesn't allow me to visits beaches in Bahamas, then I must have come to a serious money. And the only money that I know off that could come to my hand any minute now (or any day now) is the lottery. Hence, voila, he is convince that he is going to win the lottery come this week.

Which means you saw in your dreams that no one is for Mr Biihi in Las-Anod, and therefore those who were there for him, are, either, ghost. Or failing that, then they must have been "bused-in" from other places. 

Also your case is similarly to the man who knows no one who will vote for Republican, therefore to him, Mr Trump can't really be thought of to be a legitimate president, since he know no earthly being who would vote for him.

Or it's like the fact that you wish that no one who is supporter of Somaliland can be found from Las-Anod, then from that narrow of a ground, you seems to have reasoned backward and hold the view that says no one can be for Somaliland in Las-Anod. And the pictures you see in front of your eyes attesting to the fact that, yes indeed, some people of that city are actually for Somaliland, are either doctored pictures. Or failing that, then, perhaps your eyes must be lying to you.

This is the state of "Category Error" in which you are being reduced to, dear lad. And you still want to be taking serious around here. Poor lad.

No, mate, that won't do. And see to it to try harder. And whilst you are there think of this "revolutionary thought-experiment" that says no one in the Somali peninsula can actually be forced to be for what they are against them. And most certainly, no hundred of people can be made to turn out to welcome a man who you and them detest in their bones.

For that sort of "thought-experiment" are really what you need to get comfortable with. For precisely, that is the "glaring reality" that had made it possible for you to see so many numbers of people of Las-Anod to turn up to see Mr Biihi coming to their town. And not bribery, or compulsion, and most certainly, on no account of few ministers of Mr Biihi, could have gathered that large of a delegation of people to turn up for him, if on the other hand, they didn't want to do it in the first place. 

Now do you think you have had enough of a "knife-twisting" for the night? Or shall go on a bit more just to make a mince-meat out of your "fallacious arguments", dear ninny. Well, I think I should stop in here tonight. And I should allow you get a breather in here.

God only knows how it's a being a helluva fun to chase your "silly assertions" from one flimsy dug-hole to the next one, and doing it so in all day long. So, my dear lad, see to it, to think things through, before you came back barging-in with yet another material that is so "singularly ripe" to be taking apart with the pleasure of "verbal-knife-twisting" along the way.  

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On 11/27/2018 at 6:43 AM, Oodweyne said:


Man, long time no see, my bro. Hope life is good to you, mate. And I see you still kicking as good as some folks around here so singularly deserve. Well, It's nice to see you mate. And as for your "acute observation", it's indeed as you said it.

And what is more deeply telling is the fact that the very man who is calling himself the president of his nation didn't even have had a "judgement" or the "sense" to insist that before he goes in places like Marka that he should allowed to go there with his own Somali army.

Similarly, he should have insisted that, the AMISOM, should at least not escort him there inside the city, given that it could be tolerable for them to "escort" him through the countryside and through the long-road, which in turn are teeming with Al-Shabaab's Jihadsits misfits.

Moreover, it's the case that no one in their right mind will "dignify" a man who is so clearly a "coward" to the extend he will not go to cities (like Marka) that are in the vicinity of Mogadishu without been "chaperoned" around by African's hired-mercenaries.

But as you say, he is essentially "glorified carpetbagger" form "Upstate New-York in Buffalo", who is in it for the money. Not a man who came to "lay-his-skin" (or his life) on the line for his country as Mr Biixi seems to have been doing in the last thirty odd years of his life for Somaliland.

And that is the "glaring difference" (on top of many innate differences) we have in here. Which in turn is another layer of the explanation in-terms of why the "respective political destinies" of Somalia and Somaliland have actually taken this "divergent trajectory route" in the first place.   

I'm well Alhamdulilah. In Sha Allah you're doing great on your end.  

Honestly, when there are no check balances this is how people behave. They become opportunists who could careless about the future. They're only in it for the time being on how they can siphon enough loot to last them until their retirement.  

This is why the average Somali from Somalia has no ill will for Somaliland. When you have  a conversation and anything political comes up they are eager to let you know that Somaliland made the right choice in severing political ties.  The most clingy of them will say maybe it was not right for Somaliland to save themselves alone and leave Somalia with these charlatans and opportunists that pass off as leaders who hold them hostage and ruined their future.  I honestly do  understand where they are coming from.  I mean on a humanitarian level, how can one look on  with this endless madness. 

Then you log on the internet and there is so much vitriol that they spew you realize this is why things are the way they are in Somalia.  The politically inclined are a  different breed. They are petty and make themselves feel better by poking fun at the challenges of Somaliland.  You'd think the biggest news last week and this week was the tour of President Biixi in the media? Not at all both VOA & BBC have been mum on the subject.  Today the NEC said the elections in Somaliland will not be held on time and guess what the headlines are? LOL They enjoy every negative news that might come out of Somaliland and I am starting to understand. Misery loves company.  It is easier to forget your own problems when you can focus on others.  

Coming back to the topic, don't be surprised the Somalis from SOmalia will not understand the difference between the two pictures.  To them as long as the President of Somalia is given red carpet in Italy or Saudi Arabia is more than enough to nurse their ego.  It doesn't matter that foreign countries colonize Somalia this very moment, as long as Somaliland has not received de jure recognition is  what sustains them.  Belo ma jidho haday jidhona ma buurna.


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That is so true. And in fact, you get the impression as if these "Konfurians folks" (for want of a better word) actually would rather not comment of the misery they have to put up with. And in particularly of the kind like the "endless Jihadism" in which right now means that the folks in Mogadishu and Somalia in general are being forced to pay taxes to some openly known "Al-shabaab Tax-collectors". And the alleged government in there in Villa Somalia can't do much about it. 

Moreover, we have a "literal colonization" of the UN over Somalia, which is a similar form or a manner akin to the case of Afghanistan, given that it is also under a form of a "western-security-centric-colonization". We also have even an open version of African's colonization over Somalia by the likes of Kenya, particularly over Kismayo and over the rest of Jubbaland, which is the so-called the "Security buffer-zone" of Kenya inside Somalia. And on top of that there is the fact of Ethiopians literally owning the bulk of Bay region.

Yet none of these "facts" seems to be too much of a stuff that enervate (or anger) these political koonfurians midgets. And they don't seems to get any kind of righteous anger about it or even get some sort of emotionally understandable feelings about it. 

However, if "small flying bird" gets to be shot down in the middle of Hargeisa (or in somewhere in the middle of Somaliland in general), then this SOL's forum will be flooded with all manner of "verbal excitement" about that situation. And we will see no end of it.

For it seems that they have "accepted" (not in many words, but at least in tacit sense of deep emotional sense of it) that these wretched condition in which they are living through it is unlikely to bettered soon. Or at least it's unlikely to be improved upon it in the foreseeable future. Therefore they seems to have decided to put that sort of a troubles on one side, and then "concentrate-on" in getting their daily "emotional satisfaction" from any problem in which Somaliland may or may not encounter along the way.

Or at least they seems to have decided to concentrate-on (as you say) with the thought that says so long as Somaliland doesn't get its "de-jure recognition" from the international community (IC), then they are happy to live with whatever wretched destiny in which they are forced to dwell on it at any given day.

It's deeply peculiar or weird sense of perspective. And it's most certainly a wrong "political prioritization", as well as "warped judgement" of things, to say the least. But, apparently, that is where we are with these guys.

And that is why I say the day the Somaliland got its recognition, many folks, who are now in here of SOL will literally (not metaphorically) and actually commit suicide. And in fact I know many folks in here, who if they make-it-through the shock of it in the first time the news hit the wire-services, will never come back to this SOL forum again. Or if they do, then, as usual, they will change their user-name and come back again under different names.

Moreover, that in way is the whole freaking reason I am here. For what a sheer fun (with its almost outpouring level of merriment) it would be to bare witness to that day. And, indeed, it would afford us with no end of belly-full of a laughter at the expense of some folks, who are now in here.

Of course, just in the anticipation of that day, I have put their names down in some "saved word document" in somewhere in the crannies of my computer's CPU. For I will proceed to call them out, by their names, and by recalling their tendentious arguments, one-by-one at the time. However, I fear, since these are "cowardly lads", they will not engage, forthrightly, and show their faces. For they will run away from any sort of "verbal-account-taking" (as it were), in which they may be invited to get engage-in in that day.

In fact, I had a "run-drive of a test" of the kind situation that I am having in mind few months ago. You see, earlier in this year, I had a "political bet" with them along the lines that says that the DP World will not be kicked out from Somaliland by Villa Somalia. And for good measure, they have hold (to the last man of them) that Villa Somalia will stop the "Military base" being build in Berbera by the UAE. And I said it as a response that is "false argument". And we in Somaliland will show you how Villa Somalia is naked in here. Of course, they never believed a word of what we were saying to them at the time.

And lo-and-behold, when finally our Somaliland's side have prevailed and prevailed in so glaring of a way, which was when we have shown the world that, indeed, DP World was never going to be kicked out from Somaliland. And to boot, the "Military base" by the UAE is going ahead as planned. Then every one of them (and I mean every last one of them) did run away to the hills. For they have scuppered from the "very bet" they took against Somaliland in so far as these issue are concern.

It's almost as if their "political nature" is to be "shamelessly sniffling cowards", who are long on an empty talks and short of any manly conduct. For they would not even defend their hitherto hold political positions, in which they were detaining us with it rather endlessly.

And what was worse of it was also the fact that they wouldn't even say that they were wrong in thinking that Villa Somalia has that kind of "political power" over Somaliland. No, they didn't do that. They simply felt quiet about it and pretend as if they are deaf and mute. Or as if they never said it what they were saying about the political prowess of Villa Somalia. And when they have been shown how wretched ill-inform they are, they all stop even defending the very arguments they were putting forward only few months ago. In other words, what we have in here are shameless cowards, if ever there was one of that sort to begin with. 

But, still, all the same, I am planning to call them out, one by one and by name to boot. Although, I know for a fact that they will not bother to defend their positions in any manly way, as is always the case with these "wretched political non-entities". However it will be a real fun to keep-on chasing them around in here. And then, for good measure, rub their miserable faces with that reality. And surely, god willing, I will do that with a dissecting panache and with a deep pleasure on my part.

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On 11/27/2018 at 12:55 PM, Oodweyne said:


But you do know that the "real legitimacy" is not one confer you by by meeting international delegations. It's one in which your own folks can bestow on you or withdraw from you, if you are not worthy of them to welcome you.

After all, the leader of Afghanistan meets every leader the world over. And yet, if he steps out of Kabul, the even the "village's goat-herders" will murder him, if he is seen without his "western's protectors".

And it's similar with the likes of Mr Farmaajo in his "bunker" protected by African's mercenaries, as you can see from that picture that I have posted.



Very true.

No body will ever accuse Farmaajo of dictating or influencing Isayas or Abiy of anything, even the choice of having coffee or tea.


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5 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

Very true.

No body will ever accuse Farmaajo of dictating or influencing Isayas or Abiy of anything, even the choice of having coffee or tea.


Actually it's worse than that. You see, you may have noticed it but he essentially handed himself over, along with his nation's destiny on a "silver-platter", to these two chaps and to their political agenda.

This, however, is "exact replica" of what Gen. Barre tried to do with Minguste of Ethiopia when he essentially "signed-off" all of western's region of the Somali peninsula to Ethiopia, during the years of 1986 - 1988, through the good-offices of IGAD.

And he did that in hope of given the "political ownership" of the Somali western's region to the tender mercies of Mingustu and in return getting the policy of Minguste kicking out from his country the then SNM.

Similarly, now, Mr Farmaajo did all of this in the hope that Isayas and Abby will go easy or gentle on him, especially by denying any political assistance to his internal enemies from their countries, whilst also looking after his interests along with theirs.

So in effect he has no card of any kind to which he can play against them, if the interests of Somalia and these two countries were to "diverge" along the way, even before he finishes his term. And he did all of that, as I said it, for a short-term gain of putting "one-over" his regional states within Somalia, who he consider to be his "political enemies". 

Hence, these two fellows (i.e., Isayas and Abby) can see that he is political desperate to win against his federal states, so they will humor him for a short period of time. And if ever they want something from him (anything) then they already know that they actually "own" him now.

For he has no "room to maneuver" away from their "dictates" (whatever it will be). This is the sheer political naivety of this Mr Farmaajo. And yet his political fans do not actually know any of this. Or perhaps they don't even care that much. 

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