Why are black always behind?

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This might be a stereotype and stereotypes are usually false. But i have ponder about this question for awhile after my friend who is also Somali told me " all africans/blacks are dumb!" when i asked him brother why would you say such harsh words about you own people and replied its the truth. the truth hurts. Few years later i am hear the man with the highest position in office talk the same ignorant the was deeply rooted in my brother. That coward ofcourse being no other than Donald Trump when he said " African countries are shitholes". where are Africans? where are blacks? where are they not responding to this idiot ignorant coward. 

where is your pride Africa? where is your knowledge Africa? can one coward white man silence millions and millions of Africans and blacks?

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In order to address why blacks are behind, you have to quiz yourself, why? Try to estimate the impact of slavery in Africa and African American society. Do the math on the economical and psychological scars left behind by slavery. When you look around, do youl see blacks  in psychological chains left behind the brutal system of  slavery? Blacks found their physical freedom, but it will take centuries to treat the generational PTSD still passing through the generations. It is easy to point out the lack of progress in Africa, but without understanding what the Europeans did to Africa or the black people, your comment is just naive.

Same goes for the Native Americans. 

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