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Whats the deal..No buses..In..Minnesota...

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WOW :eek: I wonder how my cousin is taking my fav. niece to daycare? Damn that's sad.


Malaika, the good samaritan that you are....running to the rescue of her people...hey guys, she's really that sweet ya'll.


Now imagine if NYC public trans. went on strike?

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LOL@ Gediid.....u know am grown up fact iam an adult now.


hey Tamina...long time no hear.



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Isn't it insane though...

My nephew got fired from camp

Late 8 times, last couple of weeks,..

Well another sad story...


Garab Tuujiye, Safari restaurant doesn't

Help on tranportations man..

They just please empty stomacch's...


Yo Malaika....I think you should have your own somali focused Bus services named..

"Xiin Faniin, At your service,where would you like to got today"

$10 dollar a ride..any where in twin cities"

Shuttle vans...


Ps..This is scary..Alot of walking in twin cities..

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