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Shocking True Story

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Sheeko runti si xun an oga naxay oo ina ila dawatan an jacladay weeye,walalayaan dhibaatda ay dadkeen ku nool yahiin mantay arka.


This is a sad story and we want all our people male & female to watch it and have an idea or closer look of what can happen to you.


Hodan has AIDS and she talks about how and when this horrible disease came to her life, and change it drastically, her future shattered her life destroyed and the life of someone else, her identity is unknown till now but she decided

to warn her people and share this story.

To all our people , we would say be careful an be safe, there are people you might know that has AIDS but how can you tell if the person has HIV, alot of people don't tell that they have the disease,but hodan's case if diffrent as u all we see, she's didn't evn had a clue about this (maskiinad wallahi) so the best thing to do is be careful (don't be a sinner) we are Muslims after all, if you are marrying ask your partner soon to be check him/herself, because you don't know where he or she was before you.


Click the above Link....And make dua 4 those who are like hodan and to keep the other save,(Inaho Qadiroon Cala kuli shay)


Produced by C/malik Issak

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^The film belongs to SomTV and they have stolen it and put their logo on it, haven't they never heard of copyright?


Back to the film itself, it is sad news walaahi and it is effecting a lot of people in our community lately.


People need to be careful, this deadly disease is real and can be found in our community.

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