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28 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:

One is a glorified African-Mercenary colonized and a UN's administer entity, with a seat at the UN and a presumed legality to its name. And that is Somalia, just in case you are bit of hard of reasoning in here.

And the other, namely, Somaliland, is self-governing, de-facto, and proudly and fiercely independent territory, populated by independently minded people, who in turn will have no truck in a millions of years to come with any notion of being under any sort of African's tutelage in this day and age.

In other words, one is the nearest Somalis could get to the light of honorable existence in this much contested horn-of-Africa's region of theirs. And the other is opposite of it.

Consequently, I leave your capable hand (and, of course, any reasoning you may have come forth with to the rest of humanity) to be able to tell yourself, the difference of it, and which is which. 

So Somaliland is the real Somalia because they are in the best interest of Somalis? if this is the case why it is predominately one tribe in the sub-country and run by the one tribe?  

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Somaliland is the only country Somali country  where the inhabbitants are pure ethnic Somalis.  In somalia or the amisom colony down south bantus cadcads. Garre iyo booran iyo garanwaa ba ka buuxa. Jabuuti is 30 percent canfar and  a few Yemeni communities.  Somaliland is pure Somali from lowyacadde to yoocade.  That's  the  difference. The koonfurians at only 60 pecent Somali.  Jabuuti is more Somali than  the koonfurians if we talk about the genetic point of view even in their behaviour koonfurians have sabaaxili blood.

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19 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

I actually took you for real. But now it seems that you are just another troll artist of the most tiresome sort, Good day, mate. 

Key points
1. Conflicting narratives , Somaliland wants independence and Somalia wants to restore Somali constitution of 1960 and secession is not negotiable or attainable, where is room for negotiation ?
2. Western Corporate interests have fast tracked recognition Somali Federal Independence 2013 despite democratic deficit, weak institutions, no functioning armed forces in full capacity
3. Oil and Gas deals in a vacuum of democratic deficit with weak public institutions in Somalia mainly confined to Mogadishu are likely to further fuel civil strife and hinder national reconciliation

Have you noticed how Somalia Somaliland talks which were initiated following 2012 Somalia mediation conference have faltered in stalemate and are prone to break down? Amidst blame game; between Somali federal Government and Somaliland regime.

At one point discussions collapsed because Somaliland Officials refused to dialogue with Somaliland citizens who had realigned themselves with Somalia. If the mirror debates in the Somali media are to be believed; then we have a major problem stemming from a Democratic deficit in that Somali federal Government and and Somaliland are both pursuing diametrically opposing perspectives with no compromise or half way point for them to negotiate peacefully and both are lacking legimitae democratioc mandate which should resolve dispute democratically and neither is contemplating a referendum. In addition, recognition of federal government has occurred against a background in which large populations of Somalia remain outside as Somali refugees; with additional refugees continuing to depart daily as we speak; even after 2012 following recognition of the Somali federal Government.

Abdirahman Mohamed Diriye argues that Somalia and Somaliland Talks are road to nowhere and his reasons for pessimism are ; that Somaliland wants independence and exit from Somalia’s “quagmire”. Unlike South and North Sudans which agreed on Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which led the separation, Somalia’s delegates participate without considering alternative options , independence is not neogiable and final outcome is not internationally binding”.

Would a two state two party system be a good idea? Which means Somaliland have equal right to run for president for both states(North and South). 

Which flag should be recognized as the main flag of the United States of Somalia? 

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There is nothing to talk about Somaliland  vs  the Ugandan protectorate.  With out the west ic being the mediators  high diplomatic level.  There is nothing to talk about between Somaliland and the koonfurians.

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somalia is a republic in East Africa.

somaliland is an autonomous region of Somalia currently seeking recognition from the Somali Republic. the recognition will never ever come because somali people will not allow any leader to sign it off.  for now, the politicians in Somaliland live in marqaan fantasy, lagama kacaan marfish and madaaalo caruurta lag maweeliyo. forever and ever and ever. 





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