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The Alchemist

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Ngonge, there is no need to shoot anyone. As I see it this book can be recommended for all the ages not only for the 8 years old boys as you said. Besides, there were no promises made that this book will be great or bad one. I am sure we were all ready that we might agree or disagree with this book just like in the other things in this life. I believe we put suggestions and made a vote, and that’s how the book was selected.


Reading books is like eating food dishes; you never know how it tastes till you try it. Only then you can judge it. So, whether the book was recommended by me or anybody else, the only fact is that “You can’t judge a book without reading it†so even if we missed “Alchemist†or didn’t put it in our poll, the result will be the same: Different opinions from different nomads on the same book.


Were you expecting an end like the one in Cinderalla’s story?! I can feel your disappointment, LOL. You think that Cinderella was much inspiring and interesting than "AlChemist" just coz she got what she wanted easily at the end and a long deep kiss by the prince to wake up the Sleepy Beauty is enough for everybody, maybe its enough for you :D Such endings not only in the Fairytales and children stories; but also in the current novels would be sometimes boring. “Alchemist†has another special ending that some would it “Inspiring†not boring or disappointing.


Anyway, the best thing in the Book Discussions thing is hearing the others’ opinions. The Diversity of the opinions makes it worthy, really. Certainly it will be boring if we all agreed with the same opinion.


But, I see that the almost two hundred pages I’ve read were not waste. The author tried to convey a message to the reader. The way the readers will understand the message will certainly be different from one to another.



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^^^ The shooting part was only added for dramatic effect. It was not a reflection on the character of those that enjoyed reading this book.


You missed my point about the children’s stories. In these stories, people are happy with the endings because they’re aware of the fact that these stories are aimed at children and being daft rather than serious. The comparison I made was meant to reveal my opinion of this novel as being nothing better than a children’s story masquerading as something more profound. Like I said, I had no problem with the initial idea or theme of the book, my problem was with the way the author attempted to convey that idea. He left a lot to be desired. Every part of the story and every situation he “built†led back to the quest for personal legend. He did not work on the idea of alchemy that much, he dipped a toe into the ocean of religion and the love story within was easily forgotten!


Good stories and novels usually contain unforgettable characters, ones that even if you don’t identify with, you will still remember. Think of Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice! Think of Pip in Great Expectations and crazy Miss Havisham! Think of mad Yousarrin in Catch 22 and Major Major! Remember Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler (how about Ashley and Melanie)? In the great novels you see, even the smallest characters are remembered!


This novel was all about Santiago but even our Shepard boy was not that memorable because the author was more interested in the personal legend angle and focused all his energy on making that point.


The writer wanted the readers (and I’m being very generous to him here) to use their imagination and draw their own conclusions from the story. The only conclusion he was going to help us with (and didn’t he do just that) was with the personal legend part. The rest of the story was open to interpretation. The rest of the characters were left for us to ponder about!


The story didn’t end with a whimper or a bang; it just ended!

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