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Reflecting moment by the devil

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****Caution: this is very twisted dark thread and if you are genuine person please leave now, thank you very much smile.gif ****


O god how can I let the world rape me of my innocence only to fill me up with semen of cruelty and back stabbing techniques.


O God how can I be a genuine “adoon” when the only thing that runs in my blood is the thoughts of battering friends and family.


O God how can I be so unappreciative to those who bended back wards just to help me out when I was in my "weirdness phases" (I think)


O god will u ever forgive me for having doubt about ur existence and playing with your guidance’s


O god how can learn to mind my own business when the only thing I want to do is to know everyone else business so that I have something to share with my internet friends (the only friends I have)


O god will u blesses me with real friends so I can play with them too.


O god how can I be a cowardly (cow) to those who abuse the innocent and hypocrite to those who are awake for the innocent.


O god why did u created me to be so envies of others happiness and their guanine actions


O god why can’t I be normal like the rest of the creatures


O god why does bad things happened to me, especially when I’m trying so hard to divert it to others


O god why cant u bless me with love of a real man instead of lousy men from the net?


O god when will this insecurity that I have been carrying for the last 19 years, ever escape me?


O god why do I have the decadency in eyeing my sisters leftover food, how twisted can I be?


O god why do I have the tendency in telling fabricated stories to others, thinking that might be the deception I need in escaping death and sorrow


O god could all these acts be the result of Of being cursed with such a name or living up to such name.



Sincerely ZEE Devil ( rocking a bit of Arabic accent here :D )

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Yes, another “oh god” reflection, so again, if you are one those sincere beings, please do not read this. Thanks


Oh god, why is this Dunya so Zaiid to me


Oh god, why does my action always come out to be so wrong, does it mean am evil person


Oh god why does my mother always discloses private information about her friends to me


Oh god, im so old and im still in shadow of my mother ..when will my life be relinquish to me


Oh god, im always trying please others, others who I dislike (most of the time)


Oh god, I seek so much knowledge yet I do not know the basic concept of living


Oh god im so cowered about everything I do


Oh god why im so introverted being, why cant I open up and be friendly with people


Oh god, why don’t I trust anyone, why do I see everyone as my opponent


oh god why do i act like such sincere being yet have insincere thoughts


Oh god, i have all these issues and you expect me to live? Why?


oh god, im still having doubts about ur existence yet it doesn’t stop me from preaching to others about you.. Hypo(snake) or hypocrite am i?


Hmm I wonder if im battling with depression ?



Sincerely Zee the devil :(

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Shakti Kabuur, waaleey, waaka dartay.


Perhaps Daraamandar or Faaris [Jajandara?] aa laguu soo diraa. Mise Canjeex? Cali Dheere?


And speaking of Shakti, does he still make movies acting anti-hero horta? And does he still end up burned? Poor dude.


Amjidkhaan aa ka fiicnaa. At least that old futac guy never ended up burned in a film.

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