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Somaliland Picture Thread

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Great pictures laakiin runtii Somalia lama aadi karo without proper airlines in good conditions.

Recently I flew from Djubuti to Somalia with Daalo air line. Worst flight I have ever travelled on. The service was extremely poor. No leg room in the plane and the seat in front of you is right up in your face. No radios, no Videos, no magazines, no food, and very cramped. The whole experience was a chaotic, unorganised and highly unprofessional shamble. I will never forget the awful experience of literally gasping for air. It was so so so horrible. I would never travel on this flight ever again unless I am forced at gunpoint.

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Originally posted by Blessed.*:



You can upload them on, or even facebook and then paste the url on here. Looking forward to seeing your photos... Insha Allah.


p.s that camera is expensive, innit?

Yeah well I've got a flickr page, actually. But it's got more personal stuff, so I'm not going to give a link.


I took your advice and opened a photobucket account and uploaded some pictures.


It's a little over 2k with a lens (the camera). I'm complementing whether I should save up to get one. The only problem is, by the time I've saved up the money, there'll probably be better one out.







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Originally posted by Norfsky:





When and where?

Thanks! Hargeisa 2009.

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